Charish The Kids

Saturday! seems that it takes forever for
Friday and Sat. to roll around but Monday seems like
it flys by!

Nothing major and or funny to post in my blog today.
I think I will take it easy this weekend, no running
around for me and see if I can get some rest. I have
laundry to do and a little bit of picking up but from
there I think I will try to paint some.

I have the show coming up but I also have a fund raiser
coming up at the end of April also. I have to have my
project finished and dropped off by March 30th.

The fund raiser is for "Kids on the Block", which is a program
of STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand). They reach out
to 40,000 elementary aged students a year using Bunraku
Puppetry. They teach and educate them on difficult life
issues such as child abuse, prejudice, and awareness of

This fund raiser is focused around chairs and is called
"Chair-ish the Kids". It is artwork that is sold and auctioned
off with a chair theme. This will be my 5th year to be a part
of it.

Caleb and I painted a rocking chair when he was about 4 yrs.
old, just to be doing something fun together. I had no clue what
I would do with it. Caleb had his own rocker. But I figured I
would just put it in my Mom's next yard sale. My friend and
a photographer that I worked with in Photo Services for the State,
so a picture on the rocker. He suggested me donating it to "Kids".
He had done some work with them for a couple of years. I had
never heard of it but it sounded so neat. The next year I did a stool,
the last two years I have done a painting, as I will this year.

The first photo is of course the rocking chair, it brought in $125.00.
The stool, with Jack in the Beanstock, and the vine climbing up on
leg brought in $85.00. The 1st painting I did (the chair inside with
the light coming through the window) was titled "Charish the
Light", $85.00 and the painting from last year, "Charish the Peace",
Enjoy my works of art. I am going to start laundry and make a bed...
then to paint.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Hi Pam.. These are beautiful! My fave is the lake scene. I so wish to go there....Hmmm just picture, me and Kathy relaxing, taking in the view and catching up...sounds nice huh? (smile).. But, as you say, we don't all fit in 'that place' (for those of you who don't get's an inside joke..Pam must have dreamed it..that place is in Pam's head lol) I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this year's art for the cause... This is such an awesome glad you got involved! You create beautiful works of art! Nancy M.; Ohio

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