I don't like this kind of Broccoli!

My Grandson Caleb stayed the night with me
last night. He is a pretty healthy eatter. Sometime
after dinner he stated that he was still hungry. I
called off fruit and a couple of other things and got
a "no" to each one of them....then I remembered that
I had a salad made. Caleb loves salad. So when I
asked if that was what he wanted he jumped up and
replied "yes"!
I ventured off into the kitchen and fixed him a bowl
of salad, with an extra bowl containing a couple of
dill pickles, per his request.
Caleb sat in the floor in the living room at his
stool that he uses as a table. Within a few
minutes he held up a piece of cauliflower on his
fork and said "Nana, I don't like this kind of broccoli!"
I never realized that he had never had cauliflower, raw
or cooked before. He told me he thought it was white
broccoli! Kids can say the cutest things. Him and
I have laughed about "Not liking that kind of broccoli"
several times today.
I on the other hand, like raw cauliflower.


Anonymous said…
Mmmmm well I have to agree with your grandson here, I don't enjoy 'white broccoli'LOL either but I must say..I applaud his enjoyment for salads; that's wonderful! It's a great eat! Keep it up sweetie.. Nancy M.; Ohio

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