A desk

I so dislike having in mind what I want and not being able
to find it...or even really being able to settle on what I think
I want!

I have a oak finish pre- fab roll top desk for my computer.
Got a great buy on it, $20.00 at a yard sale. Thought it
would be perfect for me but I was not thinking I don't guess..
(and at this point you can keep your thoughts to yourself)!!
The desk is nice but by the time you get a monitor in there you
really don't have room for much of anything else...and have
I used the roll top part to conseal the papers and mess around
the computer, NO! So, this desk has just got to go.

One problem I have ran into with getting another desk is
the fact that I want my computer in my livingroom. Why??
I spend more time in that room. So that leads to finding something
that will match or somewhat match with what I have in there. I do not
want anything big, blocky, or heavy looking. I have two large
pieces in that room already and I really would like to keep the
rest a bit lighter and airy feeling. Next problem is that I have
several older pieces like a magazine table and a large secretary.
These to pieces along with a magazine rack are all in a dark
mahogany color. I would like to match a desk with those piece,
plus, I would like the desk to have an old feel to it...so a new desk
will not do.

My Mother suggested me having a table top, or desk top cut and
then for the legs, use the old stand part from my Great Grandmothers
Singer sewing machine. Wow...what a thought. That would be great,
but then I got this wild hair that if I could find an old solid wood door
that I could have it cut to fit and make a desk from that. Well, I was
a bit disapointed yesterday when the only solid doors I could find were
12 foot high. To much waste. Plus, I would have to have had a piece
of glass cut since the doors have raised panels in them. Okay...that
great idea, I had to rethink.

After that disapointment, I stopped at a couple of antique stores, which
I love to do and just walk around and look. I found a desk that I thought
would be awesome. Dark, like my other pieces, solid wood, old, same
drawer pulls as my secretary. Plus, I thought I had found a couple of
cherry end tables Mom was looking for. With that, we got my brothers
truck and took off. I was then disapointed when I went back to look at
the desk, the width from front to back was not that wide, presenting
the problem of the monitor again, but I would have had more space
around. I think it was mislabeled and it was really a dressing table
and not a desk. With all that, Mom was not crazy about the cherry
tables either. So we struck out all around.

On the way home we stopped at Home Depot and checked out wood..
back to making a desk. I found an awesome peice of wood, one solid
piece, and Chase (did I mention that my nephew is making it for me?)
will not have to cut much off. The guy at Home Depot said it was actually
a mix of wood with mahongy being one wood used. It should stain
the darkness I am looking for. I think we are in business again!!

All left for me to do is to take the sewing machine cabinet apart,
I want to keep the sewing machine. Get Chase the base, the wood
and tell him what I want. He will have to round off the edges and
make it look professional....BUT he can do it. He is great with doing
things like that.

Okay, this will work. Took long enough to decide. I will not have drawers
but I have drawers on the secretary I can use and I will get some nice
decorative baskets for under it to put things in. I am excited now.

Thanks again for stopping in.


Pam D said…
How do you think up all this stuff? I mean, really.. I just go to Staples, plunk down the money for one of those modular, pressboard cheapie desks, and say several not-very-nice words as I try to make the darn thing come together. But come together it does, and my "cherry veneer" desk works fine. OK, so it looks cheap. Fine, so it might wobble or slant a little. But I could NEVER come up with all the ideas you just did! I guess, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm just an IKEA kind of gal. *sigh*

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