My dog, Dakota

My dog, the one I did not want, the one that was
pawned off on me, the one I vowed I would find a
home for because I did not want a dog and I was
not keeping him….yeah, that dog. He is a source of
laughs at times and yes, I have come to love him.

Dakota is very smart. My daughter and them had
taught him to sit before I got him, but from there I
have taught him to sit up, row over, dance on his hind
legs, walk on his hind legs, shake, give me a kiss on
the cheek and high five me. Very smart and learns these
things really fast. I love it because I have never had a
dog that would do these tricks for a treat before. But
stubborn, he is that for sure. If he don’t want to obey
you, he will not. He has a mind all his own. He is very
set in his ways for a dog that just turned 2 on Feb. 12th.
He is spoiled rotten.

Right after I got him, I was painting my kitchen. He is
like my second shadow and at times he will follow so
close that if he were taller and I bent over I would have
to pluck him ….oh well, I will leave that one alone!
Anyway, in my trying to paint, he was right under my feet.
I tripped over him so many times that I finally decided
to put him on his long leash outside. That did not work
because he barked and carried on so bad I was afraid the
neighbors would have me picked up for abusing him.
Back in he came, only to continue following me around.
I then decided that I would put him on the deck and block
off the area going down the steps. Now my deck sits somewhat
high off the ground. I figured that the woman next door
could put her dog out like that and he is a big lab, he
never gets off, so I figured Dakota was stuck on there.
I looked out at one point to see Dakota in the backyard.
Okay, I have no clue how he got there, but he had to
have taken a leap off the deck. I got him back up there,
put the leash on him and dared him to move. I kept
looking out to be sure all was well, when at one point
I noticed the leash passing in front of the door to the
edge of the deck, but no dog. I opened the screen to
look out and there he was….hanging over the deck,
attached to the leash, claws dug into the deck and him
holding on for dear life! I was shocked and scared all at
once but it was actually funny looking. Had I not been
afraid that he would chock or hang himself, or break his
neck, I would have told him to hold on so I could go get
the camera!

I got him down, took him in and went up stairs to get the
baby gate I had bought when I got him and locked him
out of the kitchen. Okay…why did I not think of that before???
I had but I really did not want him having the run of my
house with my new carpet but I finally gave it up and locked
him out of the kitchen. BRAT.

The dog sleeps with me. I lay on my side with my legs bent
behind me and the dog curls up between my legs and my
backside to fall asleep. We don’t last long like that due to my
sleep issues and me tossing all over the bed. But one morning
we woke somewhat like that. Dakota was under the covers and
started to work his way out. To my surprise, he got caught under
my gown, he continued to walk out from under my covers, all
the time me laughing and telling him you can’t get out that way.
I finally had to sit up on the edge of the bed, stand slowly and
shake him out of my gown! What a way to start the morning.

Then this past Christmas season we had several rainy spells.
Dakota don’t like getting wet. Heck, he don’t even like to walk
on wet grass and get his feet wet. But this time I guess he had
held it long enough and he came to tell me he had to go out.
It was a drizzle at that time but Dakota would not venture far
from the base of the house. Finally, he walked a bit out into
the yard and with all the things in the yard to go on…he picked
my lighted rein deer. I am standing on the porch talking to him
(yes, I do) and telling him there are trees and bushes and he
has to pee on the deer. About that time with a nice steady stream,
he yelped out and ran to the porch. I can only guess that he got
the shock of his life…………..

More stories on Dakota to come.
Stay tuned!



Pam D said…
Hahahahaha... I can just see him literally getting "pissed off"!! What a clown.. that's how I see my Blackie Sue, too. Smart, energetic, and sometimes way too spoiled, but my baby, nonetheless. Hey.. while Adam and Caleb play, Dakota and Blackie could be playing! ummmm.... except that Blackie throws up in the car if we go much past a couple of miles, so I don't think she'd quite make it to Nashville. Darn...

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