Cartoon Birds and Stars

Have you ever just looked at a bungee cord? Awesome idea to make this type of thing to be used in so many ways. They have the stretch, the hook that can hook on to just about anything. But…you don’t ever want one to come loose as you try to attach the other end.

Ten years ago, my daughter moved to Jackson TN. That trip would be about 2.5 hours away from where I live. One day I packed up (yes, and for those who know me would not be surprised that it was just me, I hate to ask for help) all her stuff in the back of my big GMC Sierra truck. I had boxes, bed frame, mattress and box springs and so much more. I loaded the back end up and decided that I sure did not need a box spring (which I had laying over on the mattress) flying off the truck going down the interstate. I decided to tie this stuff down with my bungee cords. Now, what happened next was something else…
I hooked one end onto a place on the bed of the truck used for this purpose or for tying ropes around. I then threw it up and over the load and went to the other side of the truck to attach that part to the truck. At that point, the first side gave way! Now, it could not have flown past my head, or just landed in the truck on the box springs, NO, it had to hit me in the eye.

Remember me asking, had you looked those things? Well, they have the cord, then a knotted area, then a hook. The knotted area hit me right on the eye brow and the hook of course hit me in the eye. Luck would have it that I was backed right up to the shed, that was raised off the ground so as I saw black and started to pass out…I shook my head, flew back and sat right in the entrance of the shed. I am here to tell you that the cartoon
type birds and stars you see over someone’s head when they take a blow to the head, are REAL! I saw those pretty blue birds as they flew around my head!

My neighbor came out and spoke to me, checked on me, I recovered and continued to load up to leave. I made the drive to Jackson, helped unload and had lunch. It was late when I headed back. Dusk was setting in and I realized I had a headache (what’s new there) and was seeing spots in front of my eye.

I ended up seeing an eye doctor the next week. He looked behind my eye with this neat machine and told me I was in luck, no damage. But, to this day, I will not use a bungee cord. I do not know if it was to short for what I was doing, not hooked well on that side or what…..but I have no use for them these days. Although, with care and caution, they work well at something’s.

And to this day, I have yet to see those pretty blue birds again.
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Pam D said…
I've always wondered what would happen if one of those bungees let go (we use them a LOT on the boat). Whooo... I think I'll keep a respectful distance from now on! And I'm glad I wasn't there, cause I'm pretty sure I'd have been screaming and calling 911!

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