Photo with the clicker!

I once worked with a man that told me that people
would not know the silly things I did, if I did not tell
them! The way I see that is, I get a good laugh from
them so I like to share those laughs!

This story took place about a year ago. I was on my
way home from work, talking with my cousin, Kathy
on the phone. I had things running through my head
about what I needed to get at the store, the conversation,
things I needed to do when I got home ..etc. While I talked
with Kathy, I pulled into Kroger parking lot and noticed
the beautiful sunset. As I continued to talk, turn the car
off (keeping in mind to remove the keys), lock the door
(with the clicker), thinking I needed to pull my camera
from my purse and take a photo of the sunset.....and while
all this multi tasking was going on in my head, keeping
my mind on what Kathy was saying, I aimed my car
clicker at the sky and hit the button! OVERLOAD! I
got so tickled and started laughing at which point I
had to explain all this to Kathy. I had thoughts on
getting the camera, and I guess at that point I thought
I had gotten it out.....
Of course this was so funny to me that I could not wait
to share this moment with my friends and family.
Another "lack of oxygen to the brain moment"!!
Enjoy that site and a good laugh on me...



Anonymous said…
For those of you who don't really get the humor in this have to know Pam! Her camera is never too far from her and she is constantly snapping away. When this particular incident happened I was sitting at a Restaurant waiting for our table to be called. My Cell rings and it's Pam... she was laughing so hard she could barely put two sentences together let alone the entire story.. She has the most contagious laughter you can there I sat laughing along with her and getting smiles from the people around me.. After hearing this story was I surprised? No! Will I ever let her forget how silly she must have looked and hit it with it every now and again...Oh yeah! You bet!!! Pam and Kathy get together and things are bound to happen...they are 'two peas in a pod'..and the sweetest friends a gal can have!.. Click away Pam! Hugs, Nancy M.; Ohio

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