My Birthday

Yes, today, Valentines Day is my day
of birth....all so many years ago!
I have tried all my life to convince
everyone around me that I am a
sweetheart. 8^)

I have had dinner cooked for me, taken
to lunch, nice gifts, great cards and
great ecards, awesome birthday wishes
via email, facebook and the phone. I have
had calls from Ohio, GA. and AZ. I have
had calls from two niece's, two nephew's, Mom,
brother and sister in law, cousin, friends,
daughter and my Grandson..and
they have all been so sweet and so nice. Brings
a smile to my face.

Thank you everyone for keeping me in
your thoughts, for you awesome wishes
and your great cards!

Love you all...



Pam D said…
Happy birthday again, Pam. I was in labor with Adam on Valentines Day, but since I knew he was a boy, I held him in til the 15th (just kidding.. would any woman deliberately try to prolong labor? NO!). You definitely ARE a sweetheart, and I'm so glad to hear that you were covered up in love and birthday wishes today! Hooray....

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