Every now and then out of the blue an old story
hits me that I think would be funny to add to my
blog (can you tell)! Maybe I should right a book?
Not thinking that will happen, I am not really one
of your most organized sort of people.

Today’s story is an event that took place in my life
about three and a half years ago. I had not been
feeling my best (later to find out it was the sleep
apnea thing). But I had one major migraine after
another, I was having the sleep issues where I
thought I was getting enough at night but it seemed
during the day it never was enough. I could fall off
to sleep anywhere, anytime. I was in a long distance
relationship with a man whose Mother was ill and I
was putting a lot of time and effort into giving it my all
for him. I had my daughter and grandson living with me,
I was stressed and a bit on the depressed side. That
along with my job, daily issues and decisions was
putting a large overload on me.

One day, I parked my car about 10 minutes from my
home, right outside my Mom’s neighborhood to catch
the bus to work. This day, I was there before the bus
and I was not chasing it down, but I sat there for a
couple of minutes before it arrived.

On the way to work a strange feeling and question came
over me….where were my keys? When I got to work I
called my Mom and asked her that if she went out would
she go by and check to be sure that I had not left them in
the car. See, for stupid reason’s like this, my Mom has an
extra car key and house key for me (let’s not mention the
times I have locked myself out of the house).

Well, Mom had things to do so it was another couple hours,
3 total before she made it down to my car. She called me
to tell me that yes, I had left the keys in there, but not only
did I leave them in there, I left the car running! Three hours,
the car sit there in one spot and ran. OVERLOAD!

I have done things like cleaning out and changing purse’s
during the evening and the next day as I head out the door
I grab the new purse, stop and do something then pick up
the old purse (habit) and make it to the car with both of them.
Or to put peanut butter in the refrigerator. Or….better yet, put
a pot of water on the stove to boil for tea and walk out of the
room and start doing something else only to remember when
its to late. I have had to throw out so many pots…….

Those my friends are not my Senior Moments, Blonde
Moments..they are my lack of Oxygen to the Brain Moments
(with sleep apnea, you get lack of oxygen to the brain at night)
…..that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Thank you for stopping in once again…makes you wonder
what kind of story I will tell next!



Pam D said…
You know, your updates are helping me to really understand another friend who was going through a lot of this back in the fall. She is doing so much better now, but I had no idea that things could be so bad when you have sleep apnea. I'm glad you got diagnosed and that they have ways of treating it. Cause I hate to think of you wandering around Nashville all the time, looking for your car! In the middle of the laughter, I'm sad for what you went through until you were diagnosed and treated.

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