Could that be the reason you are not married anymore?

That question was asked in such an innocent way...but it generated
so much laughter!

A couple of weeks ago at work, one of my bosses came by my
office and stood in my doorway without saying a word. I
raised my hands up in the air and said "I did not do it"!...why
this statement you are probably asking! That goes back to
earlier in the day when a couple of times some
funny statements were made or something funny happened
in the office. My boss (yes, the same one from the doorway),
while laughing told me that it seemed like things happened
when I was around. That is the reason
for the statement "I did not do it"!

Okay....on with the story. My boss laughed at my
statement and then told me that he was standing
there so I could see his new glasses. They looked
the same to me. But I told him not to worry about
me not noticing them, that sometimes I missed things
like that. I told him that once my ex husband
shaved off his beard and mustache one night while
I was out and when I got home I sat and talked with him
for over an hour before I realized what he had done! That
being funny in itself, my boss walks off and says very low,
"could that be the reason you are not married anymore"?!!!
Oh my about laughing. That saying became a
office joke between the two women I work with and myself.

Later in the day, one of the women, Cindy, was at the
copier and she made this horrible scraping sound...the
kind that sends a chill down your back. I told her that
my ex use to not be able to stand someone rubbing their hands
on a balloon, so when the kids had a balloon I sent them to their
Dad and told them to rub their hands around it. Cindy said "Pam"
...and laughed. I waited for a couple of seconds and then I said
"could that be the reason I am not married anymore"?

That line has been used more then once in the last few weeks.
Cindy, Deborah and I seem to find humor in the smallest of things.
They will either become our motto saying for the week or just a joke.

Have a laugh on me...or maybe you just had to be there.
But these things may be the reason I am not married anymore!



Pam D said…
Honestly? The only reason I can think of that you aren't married anymore is because you don't WANT to be! I wish I'd spent more time with you back in high school; you are one of the nicest (and most talented!) people that I know. As for the beard... what can I say? You just must have had something more interesting to look at than his face that night! ;<)
Anonymous said…
Wow Ms Pam this is an awesome sight and I have learned a few new things about you.Thank you for sharing your blog with me.Hugs to you and the family.Edda
Anonymous said…
OOOP I think I sent it twice.Hugs,edda

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