Fall, Corral, Baby Birds, Misty, Get Well Card and DREAM Painting


HAHA....I know that I am starting early, 
but you know I love
But really, I should not be fussing,
we are in mid June and as of yet,
we have been saved by not 
having crazy humidity. 
May be an image of text that says '16 WEEKS UNTIL AUTOMASOUL October'

Only that is subject for change, and Friday 
I think is the day we are looking at for that change.

Yesterday I worked on the mailbox area. 
Still nothing today, since I have not ventured
out to Lowes as of yet. 
I am waiting on the contractor to call about
scheduling to install my strom door, cause when
that is set, I have to go purchase the door. 
I would like to get the gravel at the same time, 
along with some more outdoor wood...
So what do I need that wood for, you 
ask? Well, let me tell you......

I worked on a trash can corral today, Tuesday.
The picture below only shows one end
finished up, but I did finish the other one later.
However I do need wood to put the bottom 
in. I ran out of wood. 

May be an image of rabbit hutch and cold frame
By putting the bottom in, my trash
cans will not be sitting on the ground.
I was sweating like crazy but thankful for the
low humditiy. 

While working on the corral I kept hearing
the cries of some little baby birds when mom
drew near with their food. 

No photo description available.

I had some earlier in the spring, 
but this is a new batch and they
moved in before I had a chance to 
fix these places to keep the birds
out. Someone told me cut pool
noodles to slip over the metal 
bars to prevent the birds from 
nesting in them, I have the noodle, 
but I was not fast enough in my job.

Remember me stating that I 
was sweating like crazy?
Well, when I came in with sweat pourng
off me, I see Misty laying on 
the cable box.

May be an image of 2 people, television and text

When I mentioned to her that I was hot,
she let me know that she was not, and then
wanted to know if I would find some birds
to watch on tv...lol

My aunt Martha, one of my moms younger
sisters contacted me and told me she had
to go to the doc, she has a UTI! Go figure!
But not only that, she has a sinus infection
also. One is bad enough, but then that is 
a double wammy. So last night after
talking to her, I painted her a card and 
placed it in the mail this morn.

Speaking of painting, I sat 
Sat. night and did something
for Evie's wall. 

I was going to do one that
just said 
but that seemed so 
So I added a lot of 

Now, I have two outdoor
projects that need finishing and
I am just needing to get
to Lowes.

I need to get the deck cleaned up,
somethings moved to the shed,
which needs things moved
around in it before I add more
to it! Then, once I have that 
arranged, I need to move
things from storage.
Oh, and I need to rehang the 
deck screen door.
When the weather changed, 
shortly after moving in, the 
wood on the deck changed making 
the door hard to open. I have been
wanting and meaning to hang it a 
tad higher to prevent that but
it has been one thing after another, 
so if I can move tomorrow, 
I hope to get that redone!

And,,,,,,Tim is coming in this

Hoping you have had a great


Christine said…
Sweet card for your poor aunt. -Christine cmlk79.blogspot.com
Liz A. said…
You have again been busy. I feel for your aunt. I'm in a similar situation (with having sinus issues).
Ann said…
Next week our temps are supposed to be up in the 90's. I'm going to enjoy the rest of this week while it's still a little cooler.
Cute paintings. I hope your aunt is feeling better soon.
I like fall too, Summer is just too hot. You are always busy doing something cool and that card is really cute. Speaking of cute, hello Misty! Hey, I sent you an email.
Darla M Sands said…
Extreme heat came this way, too. Ugh... Best wishes to your aunt. Your art is awesome, as always. Hugs, my dear.

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