Surprises and Tears

What a day!
Had a pretty decent day, no headache.


but let me start
at the beginning..

A couple weeks ago Mark and I 
located 6 plastic large bins of clothes.
I have to question why mom thought
she needed to hold on to a lot of my
nieces clothes. I think she thought that
maybe Amber would have a girl so she
held on to them. They ranged from 3
months to maybe 12 to 13 yrs. 

Question was what to do with them?
I did not want to take them to GW.
I located a church about 10 mins from
my home that said they would take
them and what they did not pass out
they would send to the mission. 

I headed home from work and
for some strange reason I cried
when I past the hospital. 
I have not cried
in a couple of weeks so I 
don't know what sat
that off. I headed to 
moms to pick up the bins
 but first I opened them just
to be sure I was getting
what I needed to get.
I found baby clothes that I 
took out for Everleigh. While digging
down in the bin to pull those out I
grabbed this.....

Image may contain: people standing

Talk about loosing it. I balled.
I did not know my mom kept this.
It was a ballet outfit Amber wore
at 6 yrs old. 
I figured if she had this she
had the pink one from the 
yr before. I dug deeper, and 
there it was.

Image may contain: one or more people, flower and indoor

Just when I figured I have been
through most everything and 
there could not be any more
surprises.....I find yet another one.

That sent me on a quest tonight,
a quest to locate the pics
of Amber in those outfits.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting

Amber was mom's first
grandchild. She loved her so much.
Was so proud of her in dance. 

After posting the pics of 
the outfits on fb I jumped
over to PINTEREST...
where once again, I lost it.

I read this.
Image may contain: text

It touched a cord for sure 
cause if you remember my niece
(same one that belonged to said
above clothes) got married just 
two months after mom past. 

Holly (niece) contacted me and 
asked for pics of mom. She wanted
to frame one and place it in a chair
in the front row at her wedding. 
I had a frame with four openings
so I fixed it up with pics of mom and
it sat in the front row at Holly's 

this had me crying again.

Just been that sort of day.

Then I went to feed...
I have enough pain
on my own but tonight I sort
of got knocked down. The horse
that is in the pasture with my horse
decided to swing around and knock 
me on my ass right before stepping
on my big toe. 

I took a pretty good hit to the 
hard ground. Jarred the lower
back up into the neck. I am
already sore. 

CRAP...always something.
Maybe my friends are correct,
I just need to be wrapped in 
bubble wrap.


Sandee said…
Big healing hugs, Pam. It will get better, but it takes a very long time. ♥
Jeanie said…
Oh Pam, some days are just like that -- hit at all sides with all sorts of feelings and emotions. Just be gentle with yourself (bubble wrap might be a tad too extreme) and remember the love with sweetness.
Christine said…
It is good to grieve from time to time I think. That Pinterest board is so sad.
Liz A. said…
I'm sorry it was a rough day. They happen. Amazing that she kept all those clothes.
Brian said…
Yep, that was sure a tear-worthy turn of events. Hugs from all of us.
Darla M Sands said…
I'll start collecting bubble wrap. ~grin~ I can understand that these finds made you cry. ~hugs~ I hope you feel better soon, much as possible.
Pilar said…
Hugs Pam! That was sweet of your mom to keep the ballet outfits!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Pam, what a touching story. I bet you were so surprised to find the ballet outfits in your mom's stuff. And then these pictures appeared for you. They are sweet pictures of Amber. And I like that wedding quote. Our mothers are always with us, and I feel mine all the time, especially around the holidays. Big hugs for an emotional day. : )

Ann said…
Those ballet outfits are so sweet and I love the pictures of Amber wearing them.
You sure had an emotional day. I still get them from time to time.
CHERI said…
Sounds like you definitely had a bad day, and I am so sorry! I love what your niece did with your mother's photos; that was so very sweet. Your bubble wrap idea is one I need for my husband. The man came in today with yet another "boo boo"!!! I swear, the guy is the most accident prone person I know! People are going to begin to think I'm abusing him!!!! Hope tomorrow is a much better day for you and hope you aren't too sore.
Betsy said…
Such sweet ballet outfits. Pretty Amber wearing them.
I understand getting emotional. It happens to me sometimes and it seems just out of the blue somehow, something triggers a memory and then it's tears big time. I hope you will have a wonderful day tomorrow.
((HUGS)) Those photos and outfits are so beautiful. Such sweet memories.

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