Birds Enjoying Warmer Weather and Feed

It was a lot warmer this weekend,
felt like spring!!
The birds were visiting the cup and saucer
feeder in the holly tree out my front
This little Chickadee was visiting a lot.

He must have thought the food was
better inside the cup.

So pretty.

This male visited while the Chicadee was
feeding. He never went to the
feeder but he stood and watched.

This one never went to the feeder
either but...

It did go and eat off the ground where
seeds were falling.

And of course this guy came back.

Here he saw me watching him and he is
trying to hide.

These pics were taken on Sat. 3-8-14 but
come Wed this week it will be cool again
with chance of flurries...
And Mother Nature will strike again before
spring is in full swing.
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