Another Chilling Day - Brothers HOuse

House/dog/bird sitting at my
brothers house. 

Of course this was Lily's
first trip there. Dakota 
has house sat with me many
times.  Lily was not too sure
what to think about Ms. Lola.

She loves the ledge at the large

My brother has some really pretty
sunflowers.....all about to give
it up for the summer.

Wasp drinking from the hummingbird

Just wondering if these are hot...
haha...I will pass on trying them 
out though.

Bell pepper hiding from 

Check out the spider web.

Loving this shot with the barn in the 

This is a form of a bush called

Datura stramonium
known by the English names jimsonweed or Devil's snare,

the seed pod. 

Lily pads.

Another bell pepper.

Hovering over the pond.

My sis in law has been canning. 

Messing with my sis in law
perfume bottles. 

Dakota and Lily playing 
hide and seek
in the shoe rack.

And to answer the question I asked
on the wooden painting I am working
on for my sis in law...
it is a quilt block.
It measures 4x4 and it
will be hung on the side of the

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann Thompson said…
Looks like everyone is settling in nicely
Looks like you are enjoying the house sitting at your brother's, Pam. Very nice shot of the dragonfly! Lily and Dakota are enjoying themselves! So cute. ♥
Denise inVA said…
How lovely your brother and sister-in-law have you to house sit. Lovely tour around their home and sweet photos of Lily and Dakota, and Lily and Ms Lola. The close up of the wasp on the hummingbird feeder was excellent, but all your photos were very enjoyable.
Sandra said…
those peppers look hot to me.. and I love the perfume bottles and could spend hours with them and my camera. my question is WHEN do you plan to add the wide ledge to your windows at your house for Lily to sit on....
Wonderful scenes of your house-sitting adventures! Love the sweet fur-babies and all the gorgeous flowers and veggies. It looks like a nice place to stay! xx K
Great pictures! Lily looks so cute watching the bird and sitting in the windows.
Liz A. said…
That first picture begs for a "caption this photo" contest.
Red Rose Alley said…
How funny that the wasp was drinking from the hummingbird feeder. That is a sweet picture of Lily alone, and the sunflower is lovely. I haven't seen them around this summer. Those canned peaches look so good. That's so nice that your sister-in-law makes canned goodies. The cotton bush is a cool picture, Pam.


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