Coffee Table Redo

Morning all.

Couple weeks ago I found this
at a neighbors home
put out on the side of the 

Loaded it up in my
It was heavy and LONG. 
Standing it up next
to me it comes to my shoulders
and I am 5'2.

My daughter Amber had told me just
that week that she needed
a coffee table.

I think it was meant to be!

Basic maple with a traditional 
look and a formica top.
that you can't do much with.

So after checking with my daughter
to be sure size would not be a problem
I got to work.

I built a frame.
My thoughts were that if I made
a frame and attached wood to that
I could slip it right over the top
of the existing table top. 

Oops....forgot a step...
before making the frame
I spray painted the base in an
ivory color. 

Now with that step added in I 
move on to what it looks
like with the wood attached 
to my frame.

It slipped right over the top but
because a board was a bit warped and
I had the end of the boards a tad longer
then the existing table top, if weight was
put on the end it would slip up some...
so I did end up nailing this piece
to the existing table. 

I was impressed with what I had
turned out but...
I was not finished yet.

Lily was trying to decide if it was 
worth jumping up on the cabinet...
she has not been able to do that yet 
but the thought was there....
and the word NO
works well.

My plans were to just stain the boards
and seal them.....

But I wanted to try something else.
I wanted color in that also.

For the first time ever I decided to add
paint before stain.

With regular acrylic craft paints ...

I got to work. Had no clue what
I was doing but I figured something
would happen!
Besides Lily climbing around and
being nosey. 

So here it is with the colors

The stain has now been added.

Then I decided that I was not so crazy
about the plain painted base..
so I hit it with a paint brush dipped
in stain. 
Put the pulls back on 
and there is my daughters table.

My daughter loves 

I love this method!

Course I had to mess with her and 
tell her I decided to keep it!

I moved on from this project to the next.
The two pieces of plywood.

but between that and this I also worked
on another project.

Framed out my living room

This is what all my windows look like.

And this is my second one to frame
out. Not a pro at this yet but I am 
getting there. 

Since all my trim is white I will
be painting this white also.
I have found a love for paint with 
primer in it so that is an 
extra step I can by pass!

With all this said and done...
I have actually had 2 great days,
a break for the fibro. Today, I am 
moving slower but I plan on getting some
things done cause I know when the 
good passes I will probably
be down for several days.
Last week, I worked one,
down we will see.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
Pam, I love what you did with the coffee table. Your daughter is one blessed lady! Your work always astounds me. You did a good job on framing the window also.

I hope you won't be hurting now. :(

Sandra said…
I am impressed with the work and how quickly you did it. the people that through away the table would never be able to identify it now. it really came out great
Denise inVA said…
Wow Pam, you are brilliant! Love what you did with the coffee table and framing your windows.
Jeanette said…
LOVE the coffee table redo! What a clever idea to put paint underneath!
WOW! What a wonderful transformation. Girl, I am impressed that you built the frame! You go girl. Turned out nice. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! That's amazing stuff. Take care!
Liz A. said…
Interesting with the coffee table. Did the paint give the stain more depth? I wouldn't have thought of doing that.
Ann Thompson said…
That table came out really well. That was a great find and you made it look spectacular. I really like how the paint looks under the stain
Debbie said…
love, love, love the table, it really looks amazing!!!
You have a great sense of what works, Pam! And you are a great carpenter. I love the coffee table and I'm sure your daughter was thrilled. I like the joke you played on her. I hope you are feeling well and are not affected too badly this week. ♥
Rhodesia said…
That table looks fantastic, wood top is soooooooo much nicer than formica. Well done another brilliant job. Diane
Jeanie said…
You've been BUSY!
I love the coffee table too! I can't imagine being able to turn the original in to something like that.
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, the table looks great, Pam. You did a wonderful job on it. I'm glad your daughter is pleased with it.


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