Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Gifts

I made several of these this
year for gifts.
This one was for my friend Debbie.
D - From Hobby Lobby
frame and glue.
This was actually for my great nephew
for his tree.
Wooden ornament
black vinyl letters

Chris and I did not buy each
other Christmas but I
did want to make
him some coasters.
Mod Podge
sponge brush
4x4 tiles
and photos of
his pets


Scrap book paper and the letter
for my daughter

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Uncommon Ground and The Creative Village Artist Studio and Group

Historic Old Hickory Tn.
Home of the world's largest
 gunpowder plant built in
1918 during
the Great War.
There were enough housing for
35,000 people and more
 than 3,800 buildings
But at the end of the war Old Hickory
was almost a ghost town.
A lot of buildings still stand today.
A lot of the original homes still stand.
And in recent years Old Hickory is
There seems to be a younger group
moving in, new business' are opening
and life is trying to make a comeback in
the small town of Old Hickory.
The Uncommon Ground is cute little
coffee shop that opened a few years
ago in the village of Old Hickory.
Across the street from that is
the local art store, the Creative Village
Artist Studio where you can find
some really neat, handcrafted arts from
local artist.
A couple of weeks ago the Creative Village Artist
Group and the Uncommon Ground came
together to help support the local
Outreach Program for that area by
hosting a sale. Local artist were
called together for this event.
My table was setup at the Uncommon
With the help of my oldest grandson, Caleb.
I featured some items I already had setting around.
Christmas paintings
B&W photos of the village area
birdfeeders and
candle holders.
One of my candle holders.
My neighbor at the sale was Just Jon.
He makes guitars from recycled and used
items.....and they are playable!
Another lady makes dog and cat collars, bow ties
and treats.
I picked up some sweet tater chewies for THE KING...
My dog but he really rather not have to
chew so he is not that crazy about them.
Another woman had scarves, magnets and
This man had pics made from pieces of
paper and stuff...
All in all I think we raised close to
300.00 for the Outreach program since
20% of our sale went to them.
Not bad for three hours!
Special thanks to Chuck at the Uncommon
Ground and Elise and Tina at the
Creative Village Artist Studio.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Welding....OH YEAH

For several years now I
have wanted to learn to
Yep, you read it right.
My BF Chris showed me a
few weeks ago how it is done
then Sunday he let me loose in the
garage with this piece.
Hey Mark (my brother) this is a piece you
found years ago that I took
home and it has been in one
flowerbed after another all this
The issue with this piece is I had to
either bury the bottom in the ground
or place a heavy rock on it
so that it would remain standing since the
side that extends outward makes it heavy
on the end...yep, it would tip over
a lot of the time.
My idea was to have a piece come up from the center
which would also go down in the ground like
a spike. The piece I added is taller also and
I have had several parts like you see here
already. Going to be awesome with a vine
growing up it.
Sorry for the teaser here but I don't
have a pic of it finished yet!
I really want to put it in the ground to
take that pic and I have not
gotten there yet!
But I need to show you a couple of pics
of me at work!
Mark is probably reading this and wondering
WHO would ever hand me something like
that to play with!
Check out those sparks!

Plus, I used a chain saw to cut
wood (first time ever)....on the
same day.
And I still have all my limbs!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

In the Pasture

Saturday I went into the
pasture and
called for
she must be getting used
to me now cause she
came to me when I called.
She is not crazy about the pigs, I
have seen her chase Razor twice
but she seems to want to check
Dakota out.
Hanging with Misfire
Not sure about that look!

She is so pretty.

Check out this pretty girl.
Horses come and go at
Chris' cause Ronnie
rents the barn and he
brings them there for training.
This girl is just about done
with her training.
She is due to move back home
at the end of the month.

She really wants in the pasture with
the other horses.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

~The Reveal~
2014 painted Christmas Card.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Isn't she so pretty?
This is Misfire, she is about 21 yrs old.
My brother bought Misfire for my sis in law,
Lori about 15 yrs ago.
She lived with Jack who recently
passed a month or so ago.
But she also lived with Peanut,
a minature pony that "ran away"!
Sorry could not locate a pic of Peanut.
But....Peanut would get out and go down the
street to this girls house. The girl was about 14
or 15 and she would love on Peanut and brush
him. Every chance Peanut got, off he went.
My sis in law, knowing how
much the girl loved Peanut....so she 
gave Peanut to the girl!
That left Jack and Misfire until
Jack was gone.
The worry was Misfire being
One day while talking to Lori about
where Chris (my BF) lived Lori
realized that Chris' place is
where Misfire came from.
Yes, when they bought her, they
bought her from Chris' dad.
Wow....how funny.

Chris does not manage his barn. He rents
it out and Ronnie manages it with his horses
and he trains others.
I mentioned to Ronnie about Misfire and he
remembered her. He said so she would not
be alone bring her out and put her in the
pasture with his horses. He could feed her
along with his.
With that Lori gave Misfire to me.
Lori and I both own her now.
She has taken a few weeks to adjust in the
PECKING order that Chris told me about.
I learned right off that Joy was the top dog (horse)..
and she RULES.
With that Misfire avoids her.
This is Joy in a stall.

The other day while trying to call Misfire
to the gate Joy decided she wanted the
attention and did not want Misfire
to have it.
While standing at the gate trying to
get Joy to move so Misfire would
come over, I bent my head and BAMB!

No...I did not hit my head on the gate...
Joy decided to let me know she was
not happy with me not giving her the
attention she wanted.
She bite at me!
I think in that process she squeezed my
skin and she also pulled my hair.
I reached up to find this BIG
goose egg on my forehead.
Looking a bit better today!
So now I understand the PECKING order
thing and I figure this will not be my first
injury with the horses.

Misfire has not be ridden in about 10 years and
she has had the run of the place for that long...
so now slowly I am introducing her
to a lot of attention and trying to
get her to a point that she will allow
someone on her back.
Ronnie says he will help with that and
I really would love to get her
to a point that my grandson
Caleb can ride her.
If not then at least she is not alone
and I can give her attention, brush
her and love on her.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Julie and Roger

Let's go back...way back...
I was in the 8th grade,
what 14 or so and I met
We became to best of friends that year
which was the one and only
year we went to school together being
that we lived on different sides of town.
Wow...that has been ___ many years.
It has actually been 40 years
Thanks to Julie I met Roger, her
soon to be hubby when we were
about 18.
Now let's jump 35 years into today!
Yes, 35 years ago I remember
where I was....
Julie and Roger got married.
Happy Anniversary!
They look so YOUNG!
But then again so do the rest of us!

Can't name everyone in the wedding party, I
really have trouble remembering back that
But the ladies I can tell you some of them.
That would be me standing to the left of
Julie. Wow....been so long since
I saw that color on my head!
I was the Maiden of Honor.
Next to me was Julie's sis in law
at the time, and next to her was
her sister Laurie, on the
other side the blonde was
also a sis in law.

Now to tell a story on Julie and her dress....
Being that it was so full Julie needed a hoop
to go under it. That requried a rental shop....
Julie driving and us talking!
Julie picked me up and we had
to drive to downtown Nashville
to the rental store.
While talking I director Julie
onto the interstate, four lanes.
We are just talking away when all of a sudden
Julie's knuckles turn white and she
says, "Oh no, we are on the interstate"!
I then realized that Julie never drove
the interstate. Made for an interesting
Now for the ladies dresses....all handmade.
I was in luck cause my mom sewed
amazingly and she made my dress,
which by the way, I still have!
But keep in mind I was a perfect weight of
I am
longer that!
Another fast story....our flowers consisted
of silk red poinsettas.
In the 80's I took my arrangement and
attached them to a Macrame broom
and I hang it in the house at
Christmas time!
This morning
while sitting at work and loading these
pics to my page on FB, right at
the same time I got a text
with this pic on it....
And a special message that read,
"thanks for being my forever friend"...
Yep....tears formed in my eyes!
Happy Anniversary you two.
I love you both.
Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just Because I Can

I can...
and I really have NOTHING
to blog about!
I have been working on
some projects but
have yet to finish them so
today I am just
about this,
that and the
Saw this of course on PINTEREST...
this is a must try!
Course my first thought was, " I am going to
try this", next thought, "My luck
the rubber band will break"!
LOL....on the same
paint cans,
check this out.

Pretty cool I think.
Yep, thats me!
I go to a store and I have to
tell myself to
back away
from the

Almost daily, I wear something black.
looking through older pics and found
this taken a few yrs ago
at work.

And some more oldies..
this was taken in 2009
when I had an opening
for my paintings at
this gallery.

My family that turned out for the opening.
The three guys on the back row starting
at the left is my nephew Chase, my oldest
brother Ray and my younger brother Mark.
Next to Chase in the colorful dress is Susan,
his wife. On the back row between Ray and
Mark is Mark's wife, Kim.
Front row from left is Ray's wife,
Lori, me in front with my arms
around my grandson Caleb, my
mom beside me and my
niece Holly!....

No clue who that is that photo bombed on the left
but on the right is Dan Gibbs, a good friend.
Thanks to my friend Theresa for
making the photos!
Now moving on.....I think I will add
this to my retirement to do list!

How much fun would that be?
Next on the list of things to share....
You know how things will get spilled
in your fridge and if you don't
catch it right away it gets hard on
there, then you have to take the
whole shelf out to clean???
Well, I decided to try this~
Plastic placemats......
Only mine has apples on them.
placing them on the shelves inside...

like this....and when a spill happens
all I have to do is pull out the mat and
clean it.

FYI - should be finishing up my painting
of my Christmas card by the weekend so
I can have them printed. I however
will not be showing it till I send them
out to folks...
Come back and check it out in a week
or so.
Thanks for stopping in,