Welding....OH YEAH

For several years now I
have wanted to learn to
Yep, you read it right.
My BF Chris showed me a
few weeks ago how it is done
then Sunday he let me loose in the
garage with this piece.
Hey Mark (my brother) this is a piece you
found years ago that I took
home and it has been in one
flowerbed after another all this
The issue with this piece is I had to
either bury the bottom in the ground
or place a heavy rock on it
so that it would remain standing since the
side that extends outward makes it heavy
on the end...yep, it would tip over
a lot of the time.
My idea was to have a piece come up from the center
which would also go down in the ground like
a spike. The piece I added is taller also and
I have had several parts like you see here
already. Going to be awesome with a vine
growing up it.
Sorry for the teaser here but I don't
have a pic of it finished yet!
I really want to put it in the ground to
take that pic and I have not
gotten there yet!
But I need to show you a couple of pics
of me at work!
Mark is probably reading this and wondering
WHO would ever hand me something like
that to play with!
Check out those sparks!

Plus, I used a chain saw to cut
wood (first time ever)....on the
same day.
And I still have all my limbs!
Thanks for stopping in, 


all your limbs ! hahahaha

I've often wished I could work with more than just wood.... but not sure I want to weld.

great job Pam!

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