Uncommon Ground and The Creative Village Artist Studio and Group

Historic Old Hickory Tn.
Home of the world's largest
 gunpowder plant built in
1918 during
the Great War.
There were enough housing for
35,000 people and more
 than 3,800 buildings
But at the end of the war Old Hickory
was almost a ghost town.
A lot of buildings still stand today.
A lot of the original homes still stand.
And in recent years Old Hickory is
There seems to be a younger group
moving in, new business' are opening
and life is trying to make a comeback in
the small town of Old Hickory.
The Uncommon Ground is cute little
coffee shop that opened a few years
ago in the village of Old Hickory.
Across the street from that is
the local art store, the Creative Village
Artist Studio where you can find
some really neat, handcrafted arts from
local artist.
A couple of weeks ago the Creative Village Artist
Group and the Uncommon Ground came
together to help support the local
Outreach Program for that area by
hosting a sale. Local artist were
called together for this event.
My table was setup at the Uncommon
With the help of my oldest grandson, Caleb.
I featured some items I already had setting around.
Christmas paintings
B&W photos of the village area
birdfeeders and
candle holders.
One of my candle holders.
My neighbor at the sale was Just Jon.
He makes guitars from recycled and used
items.....and they are playable!
Another lady makes dog and cat collars, bow ties
and treats.
I picked up some sweet tater chewies for THE KING...
My dog but he really rather not have to
chew so he is not that crazy about them.
Another woman had scarves, magnets and
This man had pics made from pieces of
paper and stuff...
All in all I think we raised close to
300.00 for the Outreach program since
20% of our sale went to them.
Not bad for three hours!
Special thanks to Chuck at the Uncommon
Ground and Elise and Tina at the
Creative Village Artist Studio.
Thanks for stopping in,


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