Isn't she so pretty?
This is Misfire, she is about 21 yrs old.
My brother bought Misfire for my sis in law,
Lori about 15 yrs ago.
She lived with Jack who recently
passed a month or so ago.
But she also lived with Peanut,
a minature pony that "ran away"!
Sorry could not locate a pic of Peanut.
But....Peanut would get out and go down the
street to this girls house. The girl was about 14
or 15 and she would love on Peanut and brush
him. Every chance Peanut got, off he went.
My sis in law, knowing how
much the girl loved Peanut....so she 
gave Peanut to the girl!
That left Jack and Misfire until
Jack was gone.
The worry was Misfire being
One day while talking to Lori about
where Chris (my BF) lived Lori
realized that Chris' place is
where Misfire came from.
Yes, when they bought her, they
bought her from Chris' dad.
Wow....how funny.

Chris does not manage his barn. He rents
it out and Ronnie manages it with his horses
and he trains others.
I mentioned to Ronnie about Misfire and he
remembered her. He said so she would not
be alone bring her out and put her in the
pasture with his horses. He could feed her
along with his.
With that Lori gave Misfire to me.
Lori and I both own her now.
She has taken a few weeks to adjust in the
PECKING order that Chris told me about.
I learned right off that Joy was the top dog (horse)..
and she RULES.
With that Misfire avoids her.
This is Joy in a stall.

The other day while trying to call Misfire
to the gate Joy decided she wanted the
attention and did not want Misfire
to have it.
While standing at the gate trying to
get Joy to move so Misfire would
come over, I bent my head and BAMB!

No...I did not hit my head on the gate...
Joy decided to let me know she was
not happy with me not giving her the
attention she wanted.
She bite at me!
I think in that process she squeezed my
skin and she also pulled my hair.
I reached up to find this BIG
goose egg on my forehead.
Looking a bit better today!
So now I understand the PECKING order
thing and I figure this will not be my first
injury with the horses.

Misfire has not be ridden in about 10 years and
she has had the run of the place for that long...
so now slowly I am introducing her
to a lot of attention and trying to
get her to a point that she will allow
someone on her back.
Ronnie says he will help with that and
I really would love to get her
to a point that my grandson
Caleb can ride her.
If not then at least she is not alone
and I can give her attention, brush
her and love on her.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
ouch! looks like that hen sure did some pecking on your noggin!

I love horses. How fun that misfire is back home!

good luck winning her over, but I'd give up on Joy! lol


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