Just Because I Can

I can...
and I really have NOTHING
to blog about!
I have been working on
some projects but
have yet to finish them so
today I am just
about this,
that and the
Saw this of course on PINTEREST...
this is a must try!
Course my first thought was, " I am going to
try this", next thought, "My luck
the rubber band will break"!
LOL....on the same
paint cans,
check this out.

Pretty cool I think.
Yep, thats me!
I go to a store and I have to
tell myself to
back away
from the

Almost daily, I wear something black.
looking through older pics and found
this taken a few yrs ago
at work.

And some more oldies..
this was taken in 2009
when I had an opening
for my paintings at
this gallery.

My family that turned out for the opening.
The three guys on the back row starting
at the left is my nephew Chase, my oldest
brother Ray and my younger brother Mark.
Next to Chase in the colorful dress is Susan,
his wife. On the back row between Ray and
Mark is Mark's wife, Kim.
Front row from left is Ray's wife,
Lori, me in front with my arms
around my grandson Caleb, my
mom beside me and my
niece Holly!....

No clue who that is that photo bombed on the left
but on the right is Dan Gibbs, a good friend.
Thanks to my friend Theresa for
making the photos!
Now moving on.....I think I will add
this to my retirement to do list!

How much fun would that be?
Next on the list of things to share....
You know how things will get spilled
in your fridge and if you don't
catch it right away it gets hard on
there, then you have to take the
whole shelf out to clean???
Well, I decided to try this~
Plastic placemats......
Only mine has apples on them.
placing them on the shelves inside...

like this....and when a spill happens
all I have to do is pull out the mat and
clean it.

FYI - should be finishing up my painting
of my Christmas card by the weekend so
I can have them printed. I however
will not be showing it till I send them
out to folks...
Come back and check it out in a week
or so.
Thanks for stopping in,


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