Happy Anniversary to Julie and Roger

Let's go back...way back...
I was in the 8th grade,
what 14 or so and I met
We became to best of friends that year
which was the one and only
year we went to school together being
that we lived on different sides of town.
Wow...that has been ___ many years.
It has actually been 40 years
Thanks to Julie I met Roger, her
soon to be hubby when we were
about 18.
Now let's jump 35 years into today!
Yes, 35 years ago I remember
where I was....
Julie and Roger got married.
Happy Anniversary!
They look so YOUNG!
But then again so do the rest of us!

Can't name everyone in the wedding party, I
really have trouble remembering back that
But the ladies I can tell you some of them.
That would be me standing to the left of
Julie. Wow....been so long since
I saw that color on my head!
I was the Maiden of Honor.
Next to me was Julie's sis in law
at the time, and next to her was
her sister Laurie, on the
other side the blonde was
also a sis in law.

Now to tell a story on Julie and her dress....
Being that it was so full Julie needed a hoop
to go under it. That requried a rental shop....
Julie driving and us talking!
Julie picked me up and we had
to drive to downtown Nashville
to the rental store.
While talking I director Julie
onto the interstate, four lanes.
We are just talking away when all of a sudden
Julie's knuckles turn white and she
says, "Oh no, we are on the interstate"!
I then realized that Julie never drove
the interstate. Made for an interesting
Now for the ladies dresses....all handmade.
I was in luck cause my mom sewed
amazingly and she made my dress,
which by the way, I still have!
But keep in mind I was a perfect weight of
I am
longer that!
Another fast story....our flowers consisted
of silk red poinsettas.
In the 80's I took my arrangement and
attached them to a Macrame broom
and I hang it in the house at
Christmas time!
This morning
while sitting at work and loading these
pics to my page on FB, right at
the same time I got a text
with this pic on it....
And a special message that read,
"thanks for being my forever friend"...
Yep....tears formed in my eyes!
Happy Anniversary you two.
I love you both.
Thanks for stopping in,


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