Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dreaming of Fall

We are looking at the 
end of this summer.
And looking to the next

I love fall!
I love the crisp cool air.
I love the smells.
I love the fall colors.
The orange, the reds
the browns and the gold

Do you decorate for fall?
I really don't do it for fall but
I do for Halloween. 

Here are some really cool
porch decorations for 

Makes me yearn for fall now!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Random Posting

Yesterday was a better day for me and 
today was about them same. 
I had been telling mom that I would 
come and scrub her kitchen so I decided
that today would be the day.

Shortly after getting there and chilling
on the deck with mom, the bottom
dropped out.

While sitting there on the deck I kept
looking at mom's flowers. I knew they
were real but they are so pretty and perfect
that they don't appear real. Love the color.

I have been seeing this set up for a while today I was stopped
at the light and tried to get a good shot.
Notice the sign....Bliss Dental
and then right below it is Aspen Dental.
What I did not get in the pic was the
sign of the bldg. next door for the
furniture/mattress store and it is next
door to Mattress Firm.
Talk about competing against
each other.

Today's gas prices $2.07.  What does gas go for where you

After leaving mom's house I ran by my brothers
house. Mom made us some chicken salad so I dropped
his off to him. He lives right at Old Hickory Lake so
I stopped to check things out.  Gray on this rainy

About to leave I look over and noticed this guy.

I was worn out after doing mom's kitchen and
still not feeling up to par so I came home and
laid out of the couch.

These two was not really wanting me to
sleep...they wanted to play, on my feet!


After a nap Lily decided she wanted mommy loving.
Then she fell asleep on me. Here in the first pic
she stretches in her sleep.

Below she is waking up! Look at that TIGER like 

While Lily is curled up on me, Dakota is at
my feet snoring.

He is just so sweet.

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Random Posting Including a Flare

This has been me for the 
last week...
esp the last few days.

I had a Fibro flare up.
Last week while at my brothers
I just laid around and I slept
a lot. The fatigue that goes with it
is horrible. 

And yes....I miss the person 
I used to be. 

1.5 yrs ago the doc told me that 
I had to except that I was not
who I used to be....that I had 
to let go.

WOW....I knew this stuff but it was
sort of a smack in the face to 
hear that from a doc.

And yes....I find myself saying this.

Anyway, at Kroger the other day I 
saw these. I love fall and I love
Halloween! Now that I feel
a little better I plan on making
some stuff for the house.

I think I mentioned that I would be
doing a fund raiser for the
Pet Community and I had
started getting some things ready
for that but after this flare I 
realized I might not be able
to make that. 
It is hard to plan ahead for things
like this cause you never
know how you will be feeling.
I pulled out of the event.

Now, since I felt some better 
yesterday I went to craft room
that I am trying to organize...haha
what a chore.
I located this office piece that
I saved for something I 
saw on Pinterest.

Hoping this helps keep these items organized.

Saw this on FB...
Which would you like the

Me I think I am drawn to B
the most.

Last but not least on this 
random post...
my brother got my sis in law
a Plasma cutter for Christmas.
Her and my brother made this
metal sign for the community
that my sis in law is from
in Franklin NC. 

Her brother and sis in law painted
it since it was all metal and 
the community helped to
hang it. 

Nice job!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


The other night I missed Lily....
and I found her in her taxi. 

I have just decided to leave it out
leaving the door open and she
comes and goes.
My daughter works for a vet
and she said that way also 
Lily would not associate it 
with just going to the vets. 

Works for me.
Love the paws all stretched out 

I have mentioned before that she has
to be next to Dakota most of the
time when she sleeps.

The only time there was a difference
is when we were at my brothers
house. Clean sheets on the bed but
I think Lily must still have smelled
the dogs on the bed....
cause she slept on the dresser next
to the bed! She would not get in the 
bed to sleep with me and Dakota. 

Isn't she just beautiful!??
Love her posing for me
like this!

Life with Dakota and Lily is amazing.
I still can't believe even after
these two months at how
well the two of them get 
along. They run, chasing each
other. Some days Dakota starts the
playing and others it is Lily.
I am amazed at my bud...he had
never been around cats, it was just
him and I for 10 yrs....he was
yet he excepted her into our
home and I really do think he
loves her!

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturdays Critters

Caught this critter hanging around
in my trees.

Same with this guy. 

These critters I found at my
nieces place.

Found this baby on a drive around.

These next two critters were found at
my brothers house.

I love find and photographing critters
in the wild. 

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