Nowhere, Morn Coffee, Story Teller, Allergies, Watermelon, Shooting (me)

rolls around way too fast.
I posted a post today which
is Monday the 22nd, that 
I wrote apparently, last 
I like blogging head 
and holding in the hopper
for when its time 
comes around but sometimes
it confuses me trying to 
remember, "have I blogged
about this yet" ....
course it don't take much
to confuse me!

Anyway, this morning while
suffering FB I saw this and 
thought, how true.
With that said, Hickman Co. is my

And just to give you an 
out look on my mornings...

Pretty much me and my coffee!!

That brings a thought to me,
how many cups of coffee
do you have each morning?
I limit mine at one.

I also have some 
pics that I have taken
around Hickman Co. that
I have not edited or posted
on FB yet. Gotta get on 
all that. However, this is not
far from me but it is not

Here is some info on the bldg.
I really need to dive into 
this and see what all this is about.
I used to listen to nothing but
country music, till maybe the
mid 90s or so. I listen 
basically, to the oldies, 
70s mostly. 

HAHA.....should have kept up with
that date, cause now I wonder at what
age I did go back to the 70s, 
which is not known as the OLDIES!
Oh my gosh...

 Yep, its this time of yr. 
I believe this is Golden of TN allergy 
weeds. It's in bloom all 
over the place. Pretty, but rough
on some allergy suffers. 

Like I stated before. I took shots
for ten years, stopped in 06 and this 
is the first yr for me to be hit
so badly with allergies.
Lately, they have not been
that bad. But, when the Bradford
Pears were in bloom, I was 
Two bad weeks. 
That tells me that something
I took in those shots are
still helping with certain
allergens. Apparently, the dose
for fighting off the Bradford
Pears, is GONE! 

Not only is it allergy time
for so many it is almost time for

Great way to know how to 
pick a good one. The thump
method never worked for me.
Last summer, I bought three, 
threw two away. If you remember,
the first nine months of last yr, I 
was one sick puppy, so I was
not eating much, and I was not into
even thinking watermelon.
The yr. before, I bought ten, 
ate ten!
Guess we will see where I fall
this yr. 

I mentioned that I shot a wedding 
this past weekend what I might 
not have mentioned about it or the 
one last month.
The groom from last month, 
we graduated same yr.
The bride, was a few years under
me at DuPont.

The wedding this weekend, 
I graduated with the groom,
but we were long time friends.
Plus. about ten yrs of so back
I dated his middle brother, Chris.
I also shot the engagement pics,
court house wedding (COVID) and 
later bigger wedding for Chris 
and his wife.

But with all that said, 
Billy, the groom and I go 
back to 7th grade, I have also shot
and a Christmas Toy Ride for 
Billy and his motorcycle group
in the last couple years. With that said,
Pam Goins and James Finely, 
who graduated with Billy and I 
were at the wedding. Note...
until my move, I used to kitty 
set for Pam. Her babes are Runner 
and Mister, and her sweet babe that
Pam recently lost, Annie. 
I tell you all that back story 
to somewhat let you know, how
tight a group my school was. 
Anyway, I am always surprised 
when a pic pops up on FB of me
doing what I do...
And YES, Pam seemed to  
catch me do my job.
What a beautiful day for a 
wedding. Rain the day before and
the morning of, but....
the sun came, the temps were
Pics at some point to come...





Christine said…
Good watermelon tips
Liz A. said…
How many cups of coffee do I drink in the morning? Zero. Can't stand the stuff. Well, I can't drink it with my caffeine issues and all. I don't think I've ever had coffee. Nope, not at all.
Ann said…
If I'm working I only have one cup of coffee in the morning but if it's my day off I go for a second cup
Marie Smith said…
Great photo of you in action!
Yes, some mornings are like that but with 8 cats they don't let us slack up much LOL!
Food Blogger said…
Awesome post and I love your photos!
Darla M Sands said…
You look so pretty in that picture; your expression made me smile. Blessings, my dear.

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