Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Health part 4

Hello again.

Thought I would continue the health blog with
where I left off….FIBROMYALGIA.

Not only do you suffer from pain, and even while
on the meds I still do, but not like before meds. I
have experienced other symptoms, and reading
other blogs, fibro sites and hearing other stories
I have come to realize that not everyone with fibro
will suffer in the same way. Not all will deal with the
feeling that your fingers, hands and ankles feel like
they are swollen. I have, usually when the pain is
mid I notice it the most. Not sure if it is there when
the pain it really bad, or if I just don't notice if cause
I hurt elsewhere. But at times it becomes
uncomfortable to deal with.

There are other things that I have questioned
because at this point I am not sure if some is
from meds or the Fibro. But I usually key in
the info on the net and it usually comes back
as a symptom. At that point I just say, "oh yay,
another one"!

How about the temp? Oh yeah, I can't seem to
take really hot temps anymore. It becomes too
much to bear. As for the cold, I get through it
pretty well since I am at the "flashing" stage of
life also. But seriously I am not sure if my tolerance
to cold is part of all this. I do know that I only wore
a coat once this past winter. But, there is a syndrome
that usually appears in folks with Lupus or Fibro, it
is called Raynaud Syndrome. Apparently the veins
start to narrow in your toes and fingers. I have it in a
couple of my fingers. They will get cold, turn bluish
and hurt so bad. When the color is coming back, along
with the hurt, there comes this throbbing. Not fun at all
and makes typing hard. I have also read that this can
affect your nose also.

How about a rub down or going to the chiropractor? I
have read that some people really do well with this. I
can do the rub down if I am not in major pain and I did
a chiro for 2.5 yrs., with some relief. The issue with the
chiro was that I hurt so bad for a week after an adjustment
but not only that, I could feel what he did working out of
whack the next day. Apparently my muscles did not like
being rearranged with the bones so they would just jerk
them back where they wanted them. I had to stop going.

Back to sleep apnea, if you have sleep apnea you have
done reading on your own and you have found that you fit
a lot of what has been talked about. Like I said at the
beginning I was not told all that sleep apnea could cause,
most I have learned on my own. The internet has been a
great source of info. If you have a symptom that pops up or
 is new, check it out. Don't be afraid to read up on it.

Like I said, the sleep doc is the first that told me I had fibro,
he was also the one that told me that asthma and acid
reflux went hand in hand with sleep apnea. Wow….really?
But they came first, or did they? I think the doc was right
when they told me I had sleep apnea as a child, so
therefore the asthma and acid reflux came after, but since
I was not aware I had the sleep issue, I thought they came first.

Somewhere through all this I started having tummy issues.
Great, another shoe dropped! I was having bad pain in
my upper intestines, on each side under each breast.
You know where I am talking right where the large
intestines bends or curves. Plus there was the soft stools.
Hey, gotta tell it all.

It started all like this~ one day I started to get ill.
My tummy would feel close to being sick every day.
It was like it was rolling and flipping but I never got
physically sick. This went on for a couple of weeks.
It would let up here and there but it was with me more
than not. Next came the actually being sick stage, that
stayed with me for a couple of weeks also. Next came
the pain. Was somewhat happy that they all did not hit
at the same time.

Okay, to the tummy doc I go. All these test were ran. The
scope down the throat to look at the tummy and the upper
part of the intestines showed nothing, the scope up the
"exit only" section of my body showed nothing to be
concerned about. The ultrasound of the gallbladder
working, showed nothing. In between the test, I did some
reading and it sounded like I had IBS, Irritable Bowel
Syndrome. Yep, sounds like a lot of fun. After talking
to the doc, it was determined that is what I had. But
being a doc, he had to rule out anything bad with the test.

Did you know that IBS is also another issue that goes
hand in hand with sleep apnea. No, I didn't either.

Okay, so far we have covered the sleep, the asthma,
the acid, the fibro, and IBS…not to mention migraines.
Next we will look into high blood pressure, high sugar
and heart issues. Stayed tuned!

Thanks for stopping in,


Monday, April 29, 2013

The Last High School Play

I knew that when I took Holly's prom pics a couple of weeks ago that the time would fly by and before she knew it, high school would be over. Friday night she performed in her next to the last high school play, and Saturday night, the one I attended, was the last.

In the fall her school, Donelson Christian puts on a Drama but in the spring they put on a musical. The musical this year was Fiddler on the Roof. As always, DCA put on a fantastic show. The students do an amazing job. The acting, the singing, the stage props, the back stage workers……all amazing! Holly's part this last play was Golde, the leading female part! The leading guy and Holly did a great job together. They even shared a bed in the dream part of the play! Something I don't think I will let Holly forget!

My sis in law, Lori could not make it, her and my brother Ray were really sick. But Chase (nephew), his wife Susan and my great nephew Cole were there, along with Lori's mom and dad who drove in from Franklin NC to see the play, Holly's mom and Dad, my mother, my grandson and I all attended. I know that has to mean the world to Holly.

You can't video tape these performances due to copy right and you can't take flash photography. I took the camera anyway cause I figured I would get some after shots of the play. I did not take the tripod due to limited space for no flash photography. But yes, I got some shots after the play.

At the end of final play they award the teachers with flowers and a gift card, as the performers came on stage to bow, I saw the tears on Holly's face. This was it. After the flowers and cards are given the performers make their way off stage. The best pic was Holly going to the end of the stage with my mom standing there to give her roses, and Holly in tears. Drama has been a major part of the last 4 years of her life, going to be a big difference.

Anyway, enjoy the pics. I have enjoyed each and every play she has been in. I even enjoyed a copy with just her and I before she was in drama. I am also going to miss this part of Holly's life. Thank you sweetie for the laughs you have given me, not only through your plays but in your life. I love you and I bless you on the next adventure coming in your life – Knoxville!

This is a pic of a poster hanging in the lobby.

The bio of Holly

Signed by the students

Another pic of a poster...
the dream scene.
Love Holly's face.

The play has ended. Flower time.

Trying to smile while trying not to cry

Flowers handed out...

Holly headed straight to her Granny,
tearing up again

Grabbing my mom and holding on

Friend Alexis and stage buddy consoling
Holly, but this is what I get when she
sees the camera....gotta love
that girl.

Thank you for stopping in,
Come again,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Health Part 3

I am back......

So I left you off at what illness' and issues can come just
from having sleep apnea. Keep in mind that these issues
are things I have ran across......okay, that I developed
from having sleep apnea. Whenever something would
come up with me or my body that did not makes sense,
that hung around or really became a pain, I pulled it up
on the internet. I have been totally amazed at what you
can develope from just not sleeping, or your breathe
being cut off when you do sleep.

I also want to state that although these are things I have
learned as I have lived with my sleep issue, my sleep
is under control. I was told that with my snoring issue
as a teen and later into adulthood, it appears that I have
had sleep apnea since I was child. Oh yay, how much
fun has this been.

Even though my sleep is under control with the aid
of a CPAP machine, I have to admit that I don't use
it when taking naps, and the fact that the damage had
been done. Years of sleeping or shall we say not sleeping
due to my sleep apnea caused issues to start forming that
I was not aware of, issues that could not be reversed.

Sleep apnea can cause a lot of issues, issues that eat
at your system and you have no clue. Like I said, mine
started really young and since the damage had been done,
there was no correcting it. SInce I found out I had the
obstructive sleep apnea, my health has gone down hill....
and what seems like a fast pace to me.

First off, the migraines. They were what tipped off
the nuro doc. I had battled them since I was in my
early 30's. Before I was told they were migrains and
before I was told they were caused from sleep, I went for
1.5 years with a daily headache. One a scale of 1-10 most
days were on the low scale, others were mid then there
were the major 10's. That is when I finally broke down and
talked to the doc to find out they were migraines. I thought
it was just allergies.

Next, I know people wonder why I don't try to lose
weight, I have but with sleep apnea you have no get up
and go. You have no energy. You think you are sleeping
fine all night and wake feeling like you have not slept
a wink. Even on a CPAP machine, your energy does not
come right back, so no energy, no exercise, weight gain. The
more you gain the more it plays with the sleep, and the higher
your number on your machine will go up. I have fought the battle
of weight since I had my first child. The sleep got off, the weight
went up, and on and on and on. So I have been fighting for yrs to
lose only to watch the weight go up.

Third came the pain. The pain all over. The achy, throbbing,
deep pain. I thought it was due to the weight gain so I wrote it
off, just like I did the headaches. One day seeing the sleep doc
I mentioned it. He walked behind me, laid his hands on my shoulder
and I about shot up off the table. He pointed out a couple of more
areas asking me if they were sore. He then told me that I had fibromyalgia.
Told me that it was caused from my muscles not getting enough oxygen
cause my breathing was being cut off. He seemed to think that it
would go away once we got the number changed on my machine
changed. LOL.....nope, that did not happen. I have fibro and it hurts.

I started feeling the pain in 2006, saw the sleep doc in 2008 when I
was told this, the machine change made no impact, but I did not
want to fight this with meds. I hurt, and hurt and it got worse and
worse. My son's wedding was coming up in May 2011 and I was flying
to Calif. to be there and to photograph their wedding. I finally broke down
and talked with my doc. She put me on Cymbalta which started to work
right away. Since then, we have had to take it from 30mg to 60mg. March and
May of 2012 put me down for up to 5 weeks. Not really down, but in terrible
pain so up the meds went. That was in August and I have just now starting
to ache some, here and there. Not really sure where we go if the 60mg stops

Next blog I will continue to tell you more.

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Health Part 2

Oh my gosh, where did I leave you guys hanging yesterday with the first health blog? You forgot, funny I have that same issue. I think some of my meds do that to me also, and age I am sure does not help.

The light went off, I remembered! It was the last removal of the knot on the gland. I have had several surgeries since then for this that or the other. But those are things I really don't feel like going into, this is more about illnesses.

I developed asthma from two bouts of bronchitis. I had some really bad issues getting that under control but I have not had an issue in about 15 yrs. Not sure I really have it or ever had it.

In 1998 I started chewing tums like mad. Heartburn every time I ate. Then there came another issue with sleep, waking with this burning in my esophagus. To the doc I went, was being treated by over the counter meds. One night while reading to my son I had a really bad bout of something. My brother came and got me and my son and took me to the hospital. I was convinced I was having a heart attack the pain was above and behind my left breast. After the ER treatment I was admitted to the hospital for the night. I did not sleep a wink, was so afraid if I closed my eyes, I would die in my sleep. There was a question in the EKG cause it had a little blip in it but being I had never had one, there was nothing to compare it with and that blip might have just been a normal for me.

The next morning, dragging and still hurting I was sent to a heart doc for a nuke stress test. All came out well with that and I was told it was all acid reflux. Off the over the counter meds and put on something a bit stronger that would work better. I am still on that med for acid reflux.

So there you have that, asthma and reflux within a short time of each other. Crap, my early 30's and I was starting to fall apart. But as you guessed, it did not stop here.

When I was a teen living at home my mother would mention from time to time that it was a wonder I could sleep, that I snored so loud. After I married I remember nights that my ex would wake me up and ask me to turn over so I would stop snoring. Never thought a thing about that, I was good cause it was not bothering me. But then into my early 30's I noticed I was having issues with waking during the night, usually sweating. I had hormone issues before I got pregnant with my son so I figured that I was going into perimenopause. I had heard that could start in your 30's so that was my guess.

As life went on I noticed that I had more issues sleeping. I could be physically dead tired but could not fall off to sleep. That was when I would get things done after the kids were put to bed and I stayed up. That would last about a week to two weeks, than I would get sick and crash. But I could sleep no matter how tired I was. As the years moved on I found that I was waking in the morning feeling like I had never closed my eyes. The difference now was that I could not stay awake. I closed my eyes and slept whenever I got still. By this time I was riding to work with a friend. He drove 3 days a week and I drove 2. On those days that he drove, I would wake, take my shower, take a nap, put on my makeup and head out. I would meet him and I would sleep to work. I took a nap at lunch and I would sleep home. Just barely able to get in my car and get home before I would sack out on the couch or the chair (sitting straight up).

This got worse ever still but I really did not think a lot of it cause I was dealing with major migraines and being treated for them. I guess I just thought that the meds were wearing me out. After being on preventative migraine meds for a little bit and them helping some…..they stopped working. Back to the nuro doc. I just happened to mention that the headaches were there when I woke, with me all day and there when I laid down to sleep. That set up a red flag he wanted me to have a sleep study done. Well the thoughts of having sleep apnea did not settle well with me. I was scared to death.

Off to a study I went and yes, I had sleep apnea. If you know anything about it you will know what I mean when I say my number on the machine started at 8. That is the amount and force of the pressure going into your nose at night to keep the airway open. This was in 2005. Since then I have had two other studies that showed that number had changed. I went to a 12 and now at a 14. You see when you have sleep apnea, you don't feel like doing anything and exercise is a memory, there is no energy there to even get you to walk. Then you gain weight. Weight causes the apnea to get worse. So, there you have what they call a catch 22!

I very seldom suffer from a migraine anymore. But the deal is, I was not told what all sleep apnea would and could cause. Most of what I know about it I have learned from reading about it. Keep in mind, your body needs rest, it needs that deep sleep….most apnea folks never make it to that point and your body starts to suffer.

Next blog will go into some of the issue that can develop and have developed with me just from having sleep apnea.

Stayed tuned to this same station (blog), same time (whenever) and learn more.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Health

My blog, "Life Through My Eyes" is just that, a blog about things I see, or better yet the things I live through or with and the things that are a major part of my life. I blog about my kids, grandkids, things or projects I make or start…..sometimes finishing, my brothers, The KING (my dog) and so much more. I try to keep things positive and upbeat but sometimes there are just those days that you wish to share that might not be so upbeat or so positive. We all have those days we have all lived through them at some point in our life. I want to share this blog with you in hopes that if there is someone out there that does not understand, maybe it will help them. Someone out there that might not realize that some of this stuff is happening to them and they were not sure what it could be, maybe this will answer some of those questions. Plus, as I get older it becomes hard to keep up with all this and the order...this will be for my memory also.

Keep in mind what I blog about here today is my experience and it might not be the same for all. Keep in mind that most of the things that I tell you are things that have happened and through studying and researching the net I found that it was a part of what I live with daily. I don't read this stuff and make up the pain or the issue, it is there already when I go to search for a cause. Okay…..so what is she talking about now! My health!! My health that I have watched and experienced slowly sliding down hill for years now. I suffer from sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, IBs, asthma, acid reflux, migraines, back issues, skin issues, Raynaud Syndrome, hot flashes, fast heart rate, diabetes and possible blockage in the heart all at the ripe old age of 53. But I started falling about years ago.

When I was a child I had eczema behind my knees. Made for sitting on your legs in a hot summer hard to do. As I grew, it migrated around. At one point, on the top of my feet and between my toes. There was a time where I could only wear white socks cause the dye in them would cause me to itch so bad. It moved again to my forearms. Washing dishes as a kid and only being tall enough to reach over the sink without resting my arms on the silver band around the sink was not easy, so there was where it developed next. From there, the inside of my hands and between my fingers. Rubber gloves was no help at all cause the hot water to wash dishes would make my hand sweat and they would start the worst itching. I even lived with it there for years, into adulthood and while I was a mother to my first child. I no longer, (where is the wood I need to knock on?), have to deal with flare ups much anymore. But to my understanding, it never leaves your body so from time to time I will have a mild case of it but it has been awhile. Nothing much helped me to deal with this except a cream that I was given years ago, Lidex cream, a steroid. That was my saving grace.

Oh….and how many times did I get pink eye? Several that I remember. It would usually start with spring, pollen and me rubbing my eyes. I remember one time it was so bad that the eye doc put me in a completely dark room for a few days. I had to keep cold washcloths on my eyes. Mom threw a green army blanket over the window so light would not come in. There was no TV for me then. I think for the most part, I out grew that. I still have allergies that I have taken shots for but mostly they affect me in the way of a headache.

Next in my life I had to deal with an infection in my blood. Not sure how I got it, where it came from or why I was picked to be the one to get it, I do have two brothers so the question was always, "why me"? I developed boils. I had some pretty major ones on my legs and knees. There were the days that you were told to soak them in Epson salt. So I would sit in the floor with a tub of salted water under my knee or leg and I kept dipping a washcloth in the water and laying it over the spot. Later as I grew and was married I worked at McDonalds, the grease in the air was so thick and it messed with my skin, then I started with boils again. Had to go to the doc and have one lanced on my cheek, the one on my rear! But worse and the reason I left McDonalds was the infect came back, and I was getting boils on my eye lids. Really rough. Need to really be knocking on wood cause I have not had to deal with that for years either.

I think that covers my early years! LOL…now to move into what happened when I was 18. I was working for the state of Tennessee at the time and they give employees free flu shots. I went to the Capitol where they were sat up and got my shot. Yay, I am doing something really good for myself. It was the year of the Swine Flu. I heard it was going to be a rough flu so I wanted to protect myself. Being under a certain age I had to have a follow up shot. So, I think a few weeks later I had to go back and have another one. No more got it and got back to my building till my neck started to ache. Ached so bad I could hardly hold my head up. By the time I got home I was in pain, just in the neck. A few weeks later, out shopping with my mom for Christmas, I reached up and felt a golf ball sized knot on my neck. YIKES, what was going on. To the doc we went. Image this, you are 18, and all of a sudden your doc is telling you that he is sending you to a surgeon because he don't know what is wrong, what that knot is but he thinks it needs to come out, he thinks it might be cancer. You see the surgeon and he telling you that he has seen 2 other cases like this in the last few weeks, not on the neck but other parts of the body. I went in the hospital and it was cut out. By that time and by the fact they had to go so deep to get it, it was the size of a baseball.

My labs were all sent to Vanderbilt in hopes of figuring this out. All that came back was, abscess on the lymph gland caused from bacteria. It appeared that for some reason whatever bacteria entered my body all went to a weak place, my neck. Okay, I know you are thinking the same thing I did, did the flu shot cause this? Well according to my doctors, no. But also, do you know many in the 70's that are going to go against something like a flu shot since you are encouraged to have one by them? To this day, yes, I think it caused it.

I went home with a thin scar on my neck, sewed up so nicely. But, fluid built up in there and it finally busted, making that nice neat thin scar, big and wide and ugly.

Four months of wearing a bandage, four months of my neck being in a total raw rash cause my skin don't even like hypro-allergic bandages….I changed docs, I was not healing. The new doc said, pour hydroperoxide in the opening and put Neosporin on it. I was healed in no time. Thanks Doc…..but it left a nice…..UGLY scar that I still live with. Thank goodness it has faded and don't look bad. LOL….and oh the stories I have told about how I got that scar. I had some fun with it.

Whoops…..it is not over! Nine years later a knot reappears on that spot. New doc, new insurance, same neck, same spot…..but so much as changed. I think the first time I stayed in the hospital several days for surgery this doc had a surgical area off his office. First time, I was put to sleep, this time the area was put to sleep. Same results, bacteria settled there. Apparently what happened was that a partial or piece was left behind after the first surgery, it laid dormant all those years, only to flare up after me having a cold or something. So in the process of sewing the area up I just ask him what about it coming back again, can you just not put a zipper there so I don't have to go through having it cut open again! Yeah, well you know that did not happen, but with luck, the knot has not returned.

Okay folks....giving you a break. I will continue this in
the next blog. If you think this was all interesting,
Come back and see where life leads me with
health issues.

Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Car Show

This last Saturday after my prom shoot I went by the Chick-a-fila for a car show. This time a year they start having one almost every Saturday.

My friend Brian has a corvette that he took up there to be in the show. He had a pretty red one and sold it but recently got him a burgundy 2003 - 50th Anniversary one. After walking around to view some of the cars and trucks we pulled out the chairs and sat with a friend of his that has a 1963 black corvette.




Check out this big guy!

I think I might post a few more tomorrow.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prom Shoot - Chelsea and Josephine

Last year I photographed Chelsea for her prom. We did those shots at the lake below the house. We also did extra pics of her, her date and her family plus a friend and her date.

This year I was honored when I was asked to do her prom pics again. Chelsea mentioned to me that she wanted to do her shots this year around a barn. So glad that she mentioned that cause a barn I could give her.

My brother has a nice barn on his property and thankfully he has told me I can do any shoots I need to out there. Thanks Ray so much, it is an awesome place to shoot.

I photographed Chelsea this year with her friend Josephine and Josephine's boyfriend. Two shoots combined into one, works great. The barn was a great setting for those pretty dresses. Thank goodness it had not rained the day before that would not have worked out to well. It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls looked great.

This is Josephine's date

And this is the lovely Chelsea

Meet Josephine

The silly shot

The girls

The group

This fall I will be shooting Chelsea's
senior pics.

Thanks for stopping in and
please come again,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Critters......Critters......and More Critters

What is it with me and critters….outdoor critters?
Do I have a sign on my back that says come on over and live with me?

Back several years ago I started hearing this noise on
my roof, at least that is what I thought. It is noise you hear
as squirrels run across your roof. You know that sound, the
sound of pitter patter on the roof top! I found it really odd that
I would hear them at night. Don't squirrels sleep at night.
NO! NO! NO! They party above your head while you try to
sleep. Cute little rodents that they are, they chewed a hole
in a spot on the side of my house and proceeded to move it.
It was a week before Christmas and colder than a witches……
oh never mind, let's just say it was COLD.

So the morning after they partied, running back and forth above my head, I went out to look. Oh yeah, there was a nice round hole, big enough for these RODENTS to move in. But I could not have that, they had to go. I called a pest company and they came right out. Took a couple of weeks of baited traps to carry 9 squirrels off my property, one dead. Two weeks and over a $1000 bucks. But I was free of them.
Now I have a Rat Terrier, Dakota, AKA The KING. A door can slam on a car down the street and he barks, squirrels dance over our head all night long, making the worst noise and he never bat an eye. What's up with that? Rat Terriers were breed to hunt rodents.
About a year later, I am coming home one evening after dark and I hear a flutter in the Holly tree behind me, that sets is right in front of my porch. I had my back to it as I unlocked the door. Course I did not turn around and look because I really wanted to get in. I figured it was a bird but my thoughts were that birds are not out at night, so was it the possum that lives around there? Not looking to find out.

I swung open my front door and right past my shoulder flew in a red bird. My first thought was to grab the KING before he grabbed the bird. Funny, he was not even interested which at this point I was glad, but I had to wonder.

After a trip to the bathroom and back to the living room my visitor decided to fly right out the front door that he entered in. I had propped it open in hopes he would.
That same winter, a year after the squirrels, I had my first mouse. I found this out when I went to grab a breakfast bar and it had been eaten into. I closed the pantry door, looked at the KING and asked, "what good are you, this is what your breed of dog is for"???? Of course I got a blank stare. Another thing I had to take care of. Thanks Dakota, wonder when you will earn your keep.
I had major surgery on my shoulder this past summer and by fall I was still not lifting heavy items. I had a Peace Lily in a big pot out front. I called my friend Brian and he came and took it in the house for me. I had him sat it in the living room. A few days later I decided that all my plants were going to the kitchen for the winter. So with that I slid that big pot through the living room to the kitchen. Only later to be sitting in my chair to see a green frog hopping across the living room. Okay, what's up with that. I guess he had been living in the plant and when I moved it, he jumped out. The KING never paid attention or seemed to notice. I caught the critter in a cup and let him outside.

Well now comes the next critter. Not really in the house but I figure he and or she could be if they really wanted to. I got home yesterday from work, opened the door, stepped out and right before taking my first step up the short side walk to my porch I see the next critter sticking his head out of the vent that goes under my house. My first words, out loud were, "oh no, oh HELL no"! There sticking only his head out was a snake. I freaked out. What was I going to do, this vent was right next to the first step going up my porch?

After taking a pic, I always have a camera, I called my mom, we tried calling my brother who lives about 5 minutes away to come get it but I could not find anyone! After throwing rocks at it, thinking of poking with a stick and finally deciding to go to the back door I looked and he had gone back in. The KING and I ran up the stairs.

I have been reassured by several friends via the pic that it’s a garter snake. I feel better about that but not so much about it being under my house and what if there is more than one? So now I have to locate a company that removes stuff like that and get him out. Can't take the thoughts of him finding away in my house.

So what does this leave…..bats in my belfry now! I don't even want to think about it. But I am thinking that it is time for the KING to start earning his keep, or he will be dethroned.


Whoops.....looking at pics on the internet I realize
this might be a rat snake....

This is off the internet.

I have two ways of going...leave him alone
and hope he don't come up in the house
or pay a company
hundreds of dollars to come rid me
of him...
and him maybe be out when they come.

I think I will wait and see.

Thanks for stopping in, come again


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Catch A Drop

My niece's good friend,

So funny and comical.
I asked her to hold out
her hand to
catch the water.....

She played right along!

Thanks for stopping in and
please come again,

Monday, April 15, 2013

DCA Banquet - Holly

Where do I begin? Shall I begin with Holly as a baby? As a small child or just start with the other night when she attended her Senior Banquet?

Yes, maybe that is the best place to start.

April 13, 2013, she is all grown, looks like woman which I am sure was hard on my brother and Holly's mom. Beautiful, no other way to say it. I first saw her ready for her Banquet at Gaylord Opryland Hotel where her and some other girls were coming for me to photograph them. They were all just stunning, but for now I want to just make this blog about Holly, my niece.

She appeared in a black and white dress, make up done and that fantastic smile of hers. She has so much going for her but I am not sure she knows that yet. All though Holly appears very self-confident, she is nervous, just like every time she steps on stage at school for a play, and every time, it all comes out perfect!

All the girls~ These beautiful ladies did not have dates for the banquet, but that is ok, cause they all have something special that the right guy will one day find. I am sure they had a blast!

And this is Holly.....

This is at Senior Walk.
Holly and a friend that she has
known since they were little toddlers.
This is Scott Hickman escourting Holly.

Holly's flowers.

Okay, got through that without crying.
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