State Capitol, Socks, Fork It, Misty and Snowman

 Completed in 1859, the Tennessee State
Capitol stands as an enduring landmark
in Nashville. This image was created in
1864 during the Civil War. Nashville was
held by Union forces, whose white tents
are visible toward the center of the image.
While today the Capitol is surrounded by
modern buildings and landscaping, images from
the Civil War allow us to see the building when
it was newly built. Photographer George Barnard’s
studio created this photograph as part of his
pivotal work "Photographic Views of Sherman’s
Campaign," published in 1866.

The Capitol from the same
view, now!

The other day I was in the
 store and I saw 
these socks and thought
of my mid grandson...
he loves Mexican 
food. So, yes, I got them
for him.

Then I looked over and saw
these. My youngest grandson
loves all animals esp. dogs.

I also saw this.

I was doing some cleaning
Saturday, that is why
that mess on the floor, 
plus, the tote is going to 
the trash. I was trying to 
cut a hole in the tote to 
make litter boxes so that
Misty can't shoot out
the door on her
other one anymore
Anyway, regular totes you 
can cut, this see through harder
type you can not, it broke
on me. 
Misty, did not jump
in this one, 
she went in through
the hole that I made
trying to cut a hole!

Now back to the 
peeing through the door.
I can't seem to teach 
this girl the 
way to squat!
She goes in, does not
squat or turn around, 
she just pees, right
out the door!
Totally driving me

But here she is trying
to be 
the Princess of 
all Princesses!

Isn't this is so cute?
Adorable Christmas 

are you thinking

Me, oh yeah, already bought
some gifts.




Liz A. said…
Nah, I can't think of Christmas yet. I've got April birthdays to sort. And May ones as well.
Ann said…
Way too early for me to think about Christmas. But if I were to come across something that I thought would make a good gift for someone I would probably buy it now.
Marie Smith said…
Pam, the post with your grandparents photos is always showing as the most recent post, as if it’s stuck there. Marie
Those socks are very cool! Misty, you are such a pretty gal. Your State Capitol is beautiful!
Christine said…
No thoughts of Christmas yet!

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