Mail/Stamp, Restaurant, and Cleaning

 Got a text from Tammy, 
Director of General Services, and 
a dear friend. 

She said in her text that she
had this return in the mailbox.
Then she said, "so the person that manages
mail for the state of Tennessee forgot
to put a stamp on her mail"!!!!!!!

So funny!!

Saturday Caleb was going to Amber's
and bring the kids so I went over 
there.....and the kids did not come with 
Caleb. I stayed and visited a bit then 
I was headed to Wally World, but
stopped at Beacon Lighthouse to 
eat. Man it was good.

But took a few pics.


Do you use a Swiffter, 
here is a neat way to clean
using one.

Happy Cleaning, 












Ann said…
LOL on the stamp. I went to mail a card to Presley yesterday and just as I was about to drop it in the slot I noticed I had forgotten to put a stamp on it.
I used to have a swiffer a long time ago but didn't care much for it. If I ever decide to try one out again though, I'll remember the sock trick instead of buying all those expensive ones.
Marie Smith said…
Great idea with the sock as a swifter pad! Thanks for sharing!
MadSnapper said…
the sock is a marvy idea.. no wonder you stopped there to eat, that place is chocker block full of things you love and might want to create for your walls. a whole room of inspiration while you eat. LOVE biscuits, yum. sorry you missed see the kids
Red Rose Alley said…
Your food looks delicious, and this is a charming restaurant. The decor is really nice. What a clever idea to use a sock for the Swiffer cover. ; )


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