Today, Yesterday and Whenever

Safelite came and replaced
my windshield.
Had a crack going down the
passenger side.

Yep.....that is Gertrude or
Gertty for short.
11 years old but going just
great. The gas mileage is
what is amazing! When gas prices
were in the mid 1.90 range I got
13.00 worth of gas and traveled
424 miles. I like that.

Was not really sure how much room this
dude would need so instead of having
him come to my house I met him
at mom's. My drive is not wide and then
on the passenger side there is
the drop off into the creek. Felt
this would be safer.

I try to either cross stitch or
read before bedtime so last night
I finished up this book.

I love Mary Higgins Clark.

When I went to the doc last week
I was down a total of 38, I am now at
41. I looked down today and
realized that my thighs are
getting skinny!

And FYI to all...
losing that much weight I
can paint my toe nails so much
easier! haha

Not been buying clothes cause I
have bins full of smaller sizes.
But I wanted a "little black dress"..
you know all us women need that
little black dress.

Its like a jersey material.
Loose and a smaller size!

Please ignore the mess on the counter!

Dakota AKA
And look at him up there on his

Okay mom, come rub my belly!

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Wow, your weight is really dropping. Congrats!
Little black dress - I don't have one anymore, think the next 'do' I go to won't require a dress.
Dakota owns the sofa, I see, just like mine own the living room furniture.
20 North Ora said…
Dakota seems to be enjoying himself!! LOL Congratulations on the weight loss. It takes so much determination. Proud of you.

Have a great week.

Dakota cracks me up! Congrats on your amazing weight loss! Cute little knees and love the little black dress. Perfect for spring! xx K
Sandra said…
love the black dress.. and modesty thy name is Dakota. BOL BOL... congrats on the loss mine is at 24 today.. and I to can reach my toes and cross my legs and a lot of other things. it is amazing how much changes with weight loss.
Jeanie said…
Congratulations on the weight loss! You're doing great!
Darla M Sands said…
Those Safelite guys are good. Great job on the weight loss. And thanks for more Dakota photos. Be well!
Rhodesia said…
Well done for loosing so much weight,not an easy task. So easy to put on, but certainly not so easy to get rid of. Diane
Sally said…
Good for you, Pam! You're amazing, truly. It's so difficult, and my granddaughter is going through now trying to lose.

Your car reminds me of my Sarah Lee, but after 230,000 and things falling off that Toyota Camry, I had to break down and get a newer one. I like having it but the payments. I figure to be around 80 before it's paid for. :)

Your Dakota is so cute; he's really photo model!

sage and spirit said…
Of course, everyone needs a little black dress! And congrats on the weight that continues to come off!
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, you look great! Glad your windshield is now fixed.
Have a wonderful Easter.

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