Friends, Cat Love, Box, Socks, Lady and CRAP

 Last night I met a friend, Nelta 
(dark hair) and some of her
other friends for dinner. 
I had a trifold bowl I was giving 
to her and she had something for me.
You know there used to be a 
time that I never would have 
left the house with my
hair pulled back and 
no makeup....
That was many, many
years ago....MANY!

And I would never have put
a pic of me with no makeup
on the internet.....
oh wait. there was not 

I think this little, gray 
ball of fur loves 
her mom. 

Looks like Lily fits, so
she sits!!!

Misty don't box sit so 
she it trying to figure
out exactly what 
Lily is doing.

I have the sweetest friends, 
even ones I only know via
the internet. I met Beneta 
via Clubmom, a internet site
that used to exist, where moms
post pics daily. When Clubmom
shut down, we all moved to FB. 
But even with that, I got this
in the mail the other day.

Oh, that was so sweet!

Okay, so the packing got 
delayed. Well, it is pretty much 
all done but there are those 
odds and ends that you just can't 
pack. Like long shelves that go
on the wall. Curtain rods, and 
paintings. The thought was that
I would take the paintings, TVs and
computers to Ambers.  
Here is my lady painting, standing
up i the living room floor
ready to move on.

But why the delay or derailment?
Tuesday afternoon, I went and had
lunch with my oldest brother 
and sister in law. They were coming
back to the house and pick up 
the bakers rack that was moms that
Ray wanted. I had noticed water 
around the garage door when I 
left, but we had had some rain
so I thought that spot just had not
dried up.
When I got home and opened the garage
door, there was a stream of water
coming from the back.....
the hot water heater had a leak!!
One week from closing...
one week.

This cost me 557 bucks. My youngest
brother, who was home sick 
came over to remove the old one,
and replace it. 
Course, nothing can be easy.
The value at the bottom that
you attach a hose to and drain
the hot water heater, was clogged
with partials, sedment..

That value sits close to the floor,
sticking something in it to 
unclog it would have shot 50 gallons
of water everywhere. 
We tried, it was too heavy to 
get on the two wheeler to 
move out. 

We removed a release value at the 
top, and leaned the hot water 
heater over, filling buckets, dumping
and repeating till we have it empty 
enough to get on the two wheeler 
where we took to the drive way and
laid it on its side to drain. 
Mark went and got another one
and then installed it.

BUT the damage was 
done. Nothing in the basement
or garage was ruined, I had 
moved most of that to storage.
But, the downstairs BR is on 
the other side of the basement where the 
hot water heater is. Water was 
all in the BR and it spilled
out to the den. 
On the new carpet. The entire
room was floating in water basically.

I went to Lowe's and rented a 
carpet cleaner to soak up 
that water. I was down there for an 
hour and half sucking yesterday. 
I have five fans going. The carpet is 
still so wet. Not so wet that when 
you step on it, water bubbles up but
still wet. I tried sucking up more
water last night but nothing was
going in the unit, so its a matter
of just drying. 
Going to try sucking more this 
morn and see if I can get
more. I closed the window
last night cause its close to the
ground and I worried about
someone breaking in so I closed
it. But I will open it back up today, and 
run fans for the next few days.

I am not a bad person, 
why? This year has totally 
been like being in hello.

Anyway, finishing my coffee and 
off to the den to 
Course you can't tell anything happened
in the basement and garage, 
all dry cause there is no carpet to 
suck it up and hold on to it.

Course Amber asked,
"you think this is granny,
letting you know she
is mad you are selling?"



Mari said…
Oh man! Packing and moving is enough, without throwing in a mess like that! I'm so sorry!
Double crap! The house giving you one last goodbye, too bad it had to be such a painful one.
Christine said…
Glad you are settling in -Christine
Liz A. said…
Yikes. I'm sorry. That sucks. What a mess. At least it's fixable. And at least most of your stuff was moved out, so you didn't lose any possessions. If the new owner needs to gut that bedroom, at least they didn't have anything in it when it happened. Good luck getting it all cleaned up.
Marie Smith said…
Oh Pam. I am sorry you had this mess and expense before you left the house. It sounds like you have it handled. The move can’t happen soon enough I imagine.
Ann said…
Oh wow, what a headache. Too bad that couldn't have waited until after you had the closing.
The kitties are as adorable as ever but what a pain that hot water tank thing was, yikes!!
Darla M Sands said…
I doubt your mom would do this from above. ~hugs~ We've had so many water issues here that I call it a water sprite infestation. lol Your kitties are adorable and I pray your move goes more smoothly from now on.
Darla M Sands said…
Did I not comment? Of course, you're beyond busy. I'm so sorry for your travails. A flood like this is something homeowner's insurance should cover but I understand why you wouldn't even try since they'll just raise your rates. ~rolls eyes~ Hugs, my dear.
On no! You could have done without that!!!

All the best Jan

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