Lake Time

This is Kimmy driving the boat
on our way from the dock.

The part of the lake that 
Mark and Kim live
is like a cove. The water ends not far
from them. To get out to the big part of the
lake, which is man made, they have
to go under the road.

Guessing you don't go if its
too high!
Take a head right off.

Houses on the lake are so
big. Others not so big cause
they were built back in the 50s and 
60s before living on the lake 
was the cool thing to do.

Looks like one of our storms
took care of that boat.

I really did prefer the homes 
that the backyard just blend 
right with the water,
not the ones that were on 
a cliff.
Check out that deck below.

Here, Mark is putting his 
remote control boat in the water.

Playing around as Kim and I
watch it jump over waves
cause by out going boats from
the marina.

We pulled in at the Marina
for lunch. But we had noticed a 
rattle in the motor so Mark
pulled up the motor and 
was checking things out.

He found the issue, 
all fixed now.

Ole Bubba driving now.
Herons are plenty out on 
this lake. 
There is an island you can see
straight to from the dock/land that
is called Blue Heron Island.
One year Mark and I drove over there
looking across the water of the lake
at the trees they nested in.
They were killing off the trees.
They looked horrible
but now its not bad.

I love when folks do
things like decorate doors
or mailboxes to show their style,
and when the folks that have more
money than me buy something to 
show their style.
Loving this guys boat.

After lunch we did some
more remote control boat and 
once again, the heron was checking
it out.

We moved on around in some
coves so Markie could
fish. He did not have a lot of
luck on Sunday. Guessing the 
schools of fish were still
in Sunday School.

He had two on the line but
they got off before he could get
them in . But he did manage to
get this BIG, this
Sunfish. Poor tiny little ole
critter, he took a lot bigger
bit then the two before him 
that were twice his size.
Mark was able to get him
to give up the lure and
he got tossed back in to grow
up to be a BIG
ole fish.

HAHA...I did not know I would
see a duck blind on the lake.

Quackers to you all!





Ann said…
Sounds like a fun day. I like that fancy green boat.
Jeanie said…
It sounds like such a fun, relaxing time. I agree with you about the houses and the cliff.
Marie Smith said…
A duck blind! That sounds perfect!

Time on and around the water sounds perfect too.
Liz A. said…
It looks like you had a lovely day on the lake. I hope you didn't get sunburned.
Great photographs.
I do like the heron.

All the best Jan
A day a the lake is always a fun way to spend the day, so much to see!
Christine said…
Great photos

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