16 Weeks, Chasing the Remote Boat, T's Gardens, Deck Time and the Load

Morning bloggers!!
Sorry, I have been out of 
commission a couple of days.
One day at the lake and
yesterday, a day down.

For those of you
that do not like the
hot temps!!
16 weeks.

Yes, Sunday I went to 
the lake, on the boat
with my brother Mark
and sis in law, Kim.

It was a beautiful day. 
Blue skies and white clouds
and lots of boaters.

After lunch at the marina
Mark took out his remote
control boat! 
The herons were chasing
it around our boat.
Then they dived like
they were going to get it.

Theresa had to go out of town
so I fed Petey on Sunday morning,
before heading to the lake, I
checked out her flowers.
I love these.
Spotted some hummingbirds, on 
these too.

She had some raised beds
in the back yard that were
not doing so well. She took them
down and redid them. 
They are producing veggies
and herbs really well.

This is the furs on the deck
with me Sunday morning.
They love with mom hangs on 
the deck.

  When Tim and I were heading
to Fort Campbell in KY., about 
45 mins away, we saw this.
Poor guys load really


Saturday night, Tim, Lily
 and I sat outside on the 
deck. Misty, however,
still not sure of
Tim, was inside.

Lily was enjoying it and 
she showed it by just
chilling on the rail. 

Tim left out Monday and 
headed to Va. to visit an
uncle and aunt. He is originally
from Va. Now sure when he will
be returning, but he has
a key when he does. He is
actually staying in the states for
a few months this time. He will
venture off to Oregan to visit
with his daughter at some point
and to Fla. to visit with mom,
dad and brothers.

Hoping for safe travels
along the way for him.
Safe travels for you all that
are heading out on vacation also.



Sandee said…
I'm not looking forward to the summer and boating, but not the triple digit weather. I do love fall though.

You made me smile with your day out on the boat. I always enjoy that.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Ann said…
So far we haven't gotten into unbearable heat yet. But I'm good with heat. I hate being cold.
That truck is something else. Would be scary driving it or even trying to drive by it when you see that load going.
Liz A. said…
I'm sure someone new in your house is a disruption for the cats, but they'll both get accustomed.
That lake looks terrific and your deck sure looks like a wonderful relaxing spot!
Christine said…
Glad you had fun at the lake.
Your boating adventure looked fun! Funny that the herons were chasing the boat.
Darla M Sands said…
Bee balm! I keep trying to grow those perennials. lol Blessings to you and yours, my dear.

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