Paisley Rae, Legislative Plaza, Center Fold Pic, Bloom and Dolly

I have been a great
aunt four times over...
and like my daughter that
gave me all boys,
I have all great nephews.
3 days ago.
I have my very first great
Paisley Rae.
Here she is with her mom, Paige,
and her two older brothers,
Colton and Brooks.

How sweet!!!

I took Theresa into work
on Tuesday, she had an out of
town shoot for another state 
department, so I gave her a ride
to pick up the state car. 
I figured if I was going all
the way in, I would just
stay and work.
Since T was just picking up
the car and not even going
into the office, I got parking
in the state car space for the day.
I usually go into the building 
on the 7th Ave side but with 
parking there, I went in on the
8th Ave side. Got a view different 
Nashville sites that way that
I don't normally see. 

The Legislative Plaza
is right across the street
and being that I started my state 
employment at the age of 18, I have
been through that plaza many, many times.
However, I spotted a flag that had
been hung so I walked over to check it
out before heading home.
The flag was hung on the front side
of the plaza, just up the steps.

Then I turned and photographed
this guy who is just inside
the plaza and next to the War
Memorial Building.

Did not realize I was catching so
much of the suns rays on that
shot but it does look cool.

I went back across the street
and to the parking lot. I was able
to get a good shot of one of the 
newest glass building going up.
Reminds me of kids blocks, 
stacked on top of each other but
in a staggered pattern. Yet another,
modern, all glass building added
to the ever changing Nashville
Our impressive 
State Capital Building.

As I was heading out of town and 
stopped at a light, I looked up 
the side of this glass building and 
the beautiful blue sky caught my
attention. Even though I do not care
for all this glass, it looks great in 
the pic up next to that sky.

Check out this 

First Hydrangea bloom for this 

I plucked it off and took it to
the sweet little girl
across the street. She is like
six and ever since I met
her about a yr ago, she
always yells, “hi Ms Pam”
when she sees me and
every time I go to speak
to her she runs over and
gives me the biggest hug.
Have you seen this video?
Dolly singing rock and roll.

Such a great talent.




Bill said…
Your grand niece is beautiful. I love the reflection in that tall building and your cat posing on the blanket. Have a wonderful long weekend.
Brian said…
Welcome to the world little sweet one! It's amazing how much Nashville has grown, and keeps growing. Very pretty photo sweet Lily!
Liz A. said…
Sometimes coming into a building from a different way changes your whole perspective.
Ann said…
Congratulations on the newest member to your family. She's adorable.
Christine said…
Big congrats Pam
Darla M Sands said…
Thank you for this joyful post when I know you are always in pain. ~hugs~ These photos and, of course, Dolly, were just what I needed today. :D Be well, my dear.

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