Wedding, Dinner, Evie and the Deck

After taking some time off
James and Julie are
booking weddings again.

This is the 2nd one I have 
worked this yr. But hoping 
things are picking up again.

Here are just a couple of
behind the scenes pics.

Spring flowers that
the bride carried.

Her dress.

A guest!
I see you.

Sam Hearn doing what he does
and James working the bubble
After the wedding I stopped
at one of my fave
places, Taziki's.

I always get the same thing  
but I wanted to venture out.
I got the Taziki pasta
salad with chicken.

I always have loved
there potato's so I 
grabbed a bowl of that also.

Anytime Evie stays with 
my daughter, her nini, they
call me.

This girl is always smiling.

And she melts my heart
when she says, "I love
and so sweet when she says
Nana Pam.

Last two evenings I have
set on my couch and
looked out on the cold
sunset. Yep, it has been

Monday, was the first day
of spring. I am here to tell
Old Man Winter, 

Went to the Chiro to get adjusted
and then that afternoon
I came home and scrubbed the
Got it all set up.

Picked up the rug at
Dollar General for

Adds just that pop of color the
deck needed. 

Still hoping to get a couch
built but as of yet, it 
has not happened. 

Is your outside areas ready for 
lounging and chilling?
Can't wait for the temps to
warm up some so I can
have my coffee outside.



Dearest Pam,
Cute granddaughter is your Evie.
Sitting outside here in the South is better after the pollen...
Now it is constantly covered in the yellow pine pollen.
But slowly we're getting there.
Darla M Sands said…
Evie is adorable and so is Misty River. Spotting her on the deck made me smile. Though I must admit to being envious of your deck. :) I hope you get to enjoy it lots this season. Now I want Greek food. Heh... Be well, my dear.
Liz A. said…
It's pouring down rain again today. I don't think we're getting a spring any time soon. Glad you got a chance to see your great granddaughter again.
Sandee said…
I got stuck on the salad. Can you tell I'm hungry?

Love that dress and love those spring flowers.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Mari said…
Evie is so cute! The wedding looks beautiful. Does your daughter help with weddings?
It's 44 degrees here - might sound cold to you, but to us it means Spring is coming!
The Happy Whisk said…
OMG, Pam. I love the deck area that you have a that little angle is too cute! I love that you got to have your fave out to eat. That's the best. Cheers and boogie boogie. Ivy.
Jeanette said…
We are still pretty cold here in good old Michigan. Spring has not got the memo yet! There will be a few days in the 50's this week so that's a start, I guess! Love your deck and the new rug! Looks like a great place to have morning coffee!
Aww such sweet photographs of Evie.

Your deck looks good and I'm sure you are looking forward to using it when it warms up a little.

All the best Jan
Brian said…
Evie really is a cutie. Our outside area is always ready for lounging but only for the feral kitties. No humans or indoor cats allowed.
Christine said…
Sweet Evie!
Ann said…
Evie is such a cutie. Your deck is looking great. My deck needs some help.
A wedding, how lovely. And speaking of lovely, Pam, your Evie is adorable.
Jeanie said…
YOu'd be a fun wedding photographer -- you see all the subtle touches that make it special.

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