Replies to Comments, Fibro Stars, Backpack, 2nd Movie and Bird Watching

Liz over at~

 Laws of Gravity

commented on my blog post about

old markers at the cemetery. 

She said~~

Cemeteries are fascinating places. 

We don't have a lot of very old ones

 here. Every one I've been to has the

 markers flush with the ground.

Liz, I am surprised that there are not
some really old ones out there with
all the miners and settlers that
moved out to find land and gold. 
Also, we have a lot of flush 
markers also, but the older
ones were always above ground.
Most now a days are flush. 

Liz also said ~

It's nice to get out with the camera, even 

if it's just while you're on the way to someplace else.

Oh Liz, how very true that is.
My camera gives me the 
chance to look at the world
differently. To see a lot of things
others do not see. It allows
me to work with that artistic 
side of me. I don't even feel 
that way when I paint or craft.
It gives me freedom to do what,
see what, and show what I like.

Darla over at

If you did an online photography 

class I'd sign up. 

~hugs~ Best wishes!

Aw Darla, thank you however,
you would not learn a lot.
You would be disappointed.
I SUCK as a teacher.
And it is hard for me to 
get things across and 
explaining things. I just know
what I do to get my pics the
way they are. My thoughts on 
how to shoot things. 
They are just my thoughts. 
But, thank you so much.

Marie over at 

commented on my blog

with ~

Love your pets, Pam!

Aw Marie, thanks!
I do too.
They help me get through 
the days. They make me laugh
somedays when I would not have
anything to laugh about, with that
laughter, I am able to put aside
some of the bad days I might be
My son laughed at me the 
other day on the phone when 
I called them "my KIDS".
He said what? What did you just
call them? lol

Lady Gaga

She suffers from Fibromyalgia.

Did you know that 
Morgan Freeman suffers
from Fibro also.
Interesting fact, that I just
learned when I looked up a 
pic of Morgan, he was born
in Memphis, TN. Three hours
from here.
June 1, he will turn
86 years old. 

Man, I love Morgan Freeman!
And actually, I think Lady
Gaga has class.

Moving on to pets.
Is this backpack not the 
most realistic thing?

haha....pretty cute.

Now, if you are a movie
fan, or a witch fan, 
or a Practical Magic
fan then you might be
thrilled to learn that 
there is going to be a 2 (two).

Most times I am excited about 
second movies, but I have been
Was not a big fan of the one that
I longed to see, Hocus Pocus 2.
Did not have the adventure or
excitement that the first had.
Course, being 30 yrs older
myself, I don't have as much
adventure or excitement!

The second Top Gun was great.
So...I guess we will have to 
wait and see about
this second movie. 

The other day, Misty and I 
leaned over the back of 
the couch watching birds
and a squirrel.

It was fun watching her.

Thursday, Lily and 
Misty hung out on the deck.
However, Lily comes in 
to nap. Misty, she rather not
leave the deck.

Hoping you had an amazing 


Christine said…
That is some backpack
Jeanie said…
Well, as you might guess, that back pack totally cracks me up. I love it! And fun and interesting answers to the questions and comments. Morgan Freeman -- who knew?
Sandee said…
I love your kitties and I love you too.

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties and a hug to you. ♥
Bill said…
The cat backpack looks so real. I like Morgan Freeman too, I didn't know he was still alive until you mentioned his age. Have a nice fun week.
Liz A. said…
That backpack? Yikes.

My area isn't very old. The majority of the houses are mid-century. That's when this area went from mostly farmland and ranches to people living here. Most of the schools were built in the '60s. I'm sure there are some older cemeteries somewhere, but nowhere close.

They found gold up north.
That backpack doesn't look at all comfy for the kitty. It's a good thing our deck isn't enclosed, they'd all be out there. But then the ferals would have to get evicted and that would never do.
Ann said…
Wow, that backpack does look like a real cat
Darla M Sands said…
I need to visit an old cemetery sometime soon. They are relaxing in a weird way. And I like paying respect while enjoying the history and headstone artwork. Be well!

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