Quiet or Not, The Furs, Bees and Birds


This is pretty correct!
I remember a first date
with my first love.
In the car going to the movie
Larry stated that I needed to 

Months later he told me,
"I know I told you to talk,
now I am not sure how to make
you stop!" lol
And yes, when I am pissed,
hurt or over something,
I don't talk.
People need to worry!

Since I am not getting out
and about much lately I don't
have much to blog about...
that is so  crazy, I know.

Anyway, I do have pics of
the furs.
Friday I was laying
on the couch and Misty,
wanting to be near, laid
on the back of the couch and

Lily was tucked behind the 
Then on Sunday morning,
I went from the bed
to the couch. It was too
cold to open the back door
for the furs to go out on the
deck. Lily curled up behind
the knees while I slept.
At some point I flipped to my
tummy, something I don't 
usually do. I work and felt
something heavy on my legs.
Apparently, when I flipped,
Lily went with the flip.
Course you know the rule,
when a cat is on you,
you can't move.
For the longest I laid there,
shifting just a bit but I did
not want to upset 
Lily Bit. Finally, she
got up so I was able to move.

I posted this last yr. But thought
I would share again.

 Those Yellow Jackets really
hurt when they get you.

Went out Sunday and put out the 
bee bath for these critters.
My birds get fed all yr. The feline
furs have entertainment that way.

Next, I need to pick up a hummingbird
feeder. I have used plastic the last
few yrs but I really want a glass one.
However, looking at prices at 
Hobby Lobby, I might need to pass
on that. 
Plastic might be the way to 
go. I always toss the old ones
each fall. 
They should be showing up anytime soon.

I love watching the Hummingbirds, and 
surprised the furs have no interest in 
watching them. I think that they move
so fast the furs just lose interest.

Hoping you had an amazing weekend.


Sandee said…
Love the first quote. That's me too.

Love all the joys that spring brings. I just wish we had some better weather. Another storm coming in tomorrow. Rain, rain and rain.

We have six large hummingbird feedings on our patio and in the summer months it's all we can do to keep them full. Love watching them too.

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties and a hug to you. ♥
Bill said…
It seems Misty and Lily know what they like to do, they sure are very laid back. Laughed at the bee poster, I don't like being near bees, they are like flying weapons with their stingers. :) Enjoy your day!
Liz A. said…
Sometimes there is nothing to talk about. That's why they have the various blog hop themes. I don't do them because I came up with my own nothing happening posts (the TV thing and the random quizzes). But there are some good ones out there that you might like.
Ann said…
Well that fits me to some extent but if I don't know a person well I don't talk much. If I know you well and I'm quiet then it's a good bet I'm mad about something.
Christine said…
Fun meme about being quiet
Debbie said…
we had such a beautiful sunday...it was sunny, 63 degrees!! i got out for most of the day, was exhausted when i got home but still, it was wonderful!!

i too am quiet when i am upset, nothing to say as i am not a fighter. it sounds like the kittens are good companions for you!!
That first quote is such a fun one. Misty and Lily sure do have the comfy cozy going on. That was sure super sad about the shooting at the school up your way today. Prayers to everyone.
Marie Smith said…
The mellow jackets are aggressive. No fear of them here yet this year.
Mari said…
I Like your quote. My hubby always teases me by saying God only gives us a certain amount of words in our life. He tells me I'm going to run out and he'll have some left, so I'll be sorry. :)
Good info on the buzzing insects.
Jeanette said…
I love that quote and have to say it's true for a lot of us! I can't wait to put my hummingbird feeder out this May. I've seen that bee chart before and always laugh at the flying panda part!
Darla M Sands said…
I've reused my hummingbird feeders for years and they're all plastic. A light bleach or vinegar solution can do wonders. I hope that helps. :D I'm looking forward to petting bumblebees. Heh... Meanwhile, bald faced hornets are just as bad as yellowjackets. That's what got me while mowing the grass in 2019. I am so grateful only one stung me. It could have been really bad. Be well, my dear. You and your furry girls are lights in this world.

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