Bee's, Venue Comment, Old, and the Pterodactylus

 Two years ago I installed
a Bee Bath in the yard
for the .....well, the bees
of course!
I have however, not planted
flowers that draw bees to
the garden, without my
knowledge I do plant
With that said, I hope to change the 
fact that I need to plant more.

This is so sweet.

Written by a bride
to the venue.
Tn Tiny Weddings.

I saw this the other day and 
could not help but repost
it, even here.

Some days I look in the 
mirror and I can understand
this pic.
I might not look so 
terribly old but I feel it.

I posted a pic the other
day of a Heron I shot
from my car with my cell
I wanted to share these with
you, I took these
with my big camera.

Herons are so cool to watch
as they fly.
They glide through the air.
My brother calls them 
He is so funny.

I lived in my other home
for 28 yrs. and I had
many guest to my
yard. Living
between two lakes,
I was not surprised
when I looked outside
one day and this was in 
my yard. 
He was just hanging
by the creek.

Thank you for stopping in,



Christine said…
That picture in the mirror...good one.
Marie Smith said…
The herons aren’t back here yet. I look forward to them. You got some great shots.
The Happy Whisk said…
OMG, Pam. I love that you made a Bee Bath. I never thought of this before. It's a wonderful idea.
Ann said…
I saw that picture on FB. I can relate to that as well.
I've never seen a heron in person
Liz A. said…
What a lovely bird.
Brian said…
Those are terrific photos. I never heard of a bee bath before.

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