Keeping Warm, Shower Caddy, and Heimlooms

 Tuesday morning was a 
cold morning and as I set
on the couch, blogging,
I had visitors beside me. 

I had Misty on right side 
of me, sucking on the 
throw and kneading it.
I had Lily on the left side.
She was curled up and 
all comfy.
I have been noticing some 
changes between these two.
Lily still does her hit and run on
Misty but they are sleeping in 
the same bed now with me and
getting closer to each other.
Maybe, they will get some what

The other night at dinner
a friend of mine that knows me 
and my recycling ways, asked me
did I have use for a shower caddy.
I remembered seeing this on Pinterest once
and just yesterday I saw it on 

Guess what I am going to do
with a shower caddy?

In my last post I mentioned trying
to achieve something everyday.
I did not get to the basement to 
play or to the laundry but I did 
get somethings done. 
I worked on a project I am doing
for my kids. 
Taking pics of all my heirloom 
pieces, adding info that I know
about each piece and sitting it up
in a program so I can download
onto a thumb drive for my kids. 
Not done, but got a lot done. 
Adding special items that I have
acquired through the yrs to 
maybe become heimlooms later
in the years to come.

This piece belonged to my
great granny.
It is a planter. Although since
it came to me as a child, it
has not held a plant. 
I loved my Barbies and I was always
making Barbie a house, this
was always in the 
living room for Barbies home. 

Wow, this next item is really 
My baby spoon that mom 
held onto and gave to me 
many years ago.
See, told you, its OLD.

This piece also came from my
great granny, on my mom's
dad's side. 
 To be real, none of these pieces
came from my mom's mother's
side or my father's side of the family.

My grandma (mom's mom) lost
her mother at a really young age.
I want to say that I remember hearing
that granny was about five. 
That her mom suffered from really
bad headaches. Being I suffered
from migraines that was my thought,
but apparently their has been discussion
that maybe it as an aneurysm. 
Something we will never know.
They were a really poor family and 
the older sisters helped to raise my granny.

From great granny also. 
Not sure this was kept for any 
reason other than it was a 
sewing tin once the tea was gone. 
When great granny's house was cleaned
out, mom grabbed the tin.
My mom also would spend time at
the computer looking up prices.
She would tag them on the bottom 
of each piece. Looking at this I 
realize mom left the h out of 
mothers. lol....
she would be horrified today 
if she knew this lived on. 

There are two of these
little lamps. Not really sure
if that is real brass or not.
But my mom and dad picked
these two up in Pennsylvania on a 
trip up that way before my older
brother was born. Making these OLD...
LOL....making these older than his
65 yrs of age. 
I have prisms that go on them but right
now they are packed away. 
Story behind these lamps, they always
were perched on each end of my moms
dresser and I used to take a couple
of the prisms, and hang them from my ears
like they were my earrings!
This is the type of info being added
to the pics for my kids will 
know what to keep and what not
to keep. And hopefully, bring a smile
along the way when the look at 
these items.
Shade, I picked up a Habitat for
Humanity. Got one for each lamp.

Now, this is one that I hope one day
my grands and great grand will

Nashville singer/songwriter 
Richard E. Carpenter
(not the brother of Karen) and also
my sis in laws cousin wanted me to 
paint an old camper with Christmas lights
on it for the cover of his Christmas CD.
After that, he asked me to put him in 
the painting. 

He was very pleased with it.

And my name got added to the inside of 
the cover.

Like I said, maybe my family to come
after me will be amazed at things like this.

I am also adding these sort of things.

I used to collect clowns. At one given time
I had over 100 figurines of clowns. 
They were in my darkroom and work
and in my
home. When Caleb and Amber
moved in with me, Caleb was 
a yr old and I packed my clowns
up. They were packed for six yrs, and 
I did not miss them so I sold them, except
for a few. 
The two above are pewter and my older
brother Ray got these for me on 
one of his travels many yrs ago.

The piece below is also added
in the keeps, just cause they mean
something to me.
My younger brother, Mark gave
me this for my bday once.
He made it from scrapes. 

just cause my brother is so much like
me in humor, I keep this piece.
He did not make this, at least
not the dog itself.

He bought a couple of plain metal
dogs at Hobby Lobby, first off,
I was surprised the even went in 
that store!
But he took it home, painted it
red and put mustard on it!
At least the kids will know where this
came from and the humor of
their uncle. 

As I go through and add more
and more I will share with my blogging
buds. I do really have a lot of 
glass pieces handed down from my
great granny.
When I think of it, its amazing that 
pieces like them remain in the world
for so long.
Most of the pieces were given to my
mom from her great aunt.
And several generations have been added
to the line of kids since 

Great Aunt Etta would now be known
as Felicity's 
5th great aunt Etta. 
The world keep turning and 
life goes on.




NanaDiana said…
It sounds like you got a lot done. I did the same thing with a lot of the heirloom pieces we got-mostly from John's grandparents. I have a couple of things from my grandmother but not much. My other grandmother died when my father was quite young. Love that piano planter. What a fun piece for a Barbie house.

Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana
Sue said…
Wow! Pam you have such beautiful treasures, I so enjoyed seeing them and reading the stories, I know your children will really enjoy them and passing them along.
Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.
Christine said…
Love the old tea tin.
Brian said…
Those kitties are adapting to the change without Chey. I like seeing the "older" things, we have lots of goodies like that here too. That CD Cover is really pretty!
Being a tea drinker, I do like that Tetley's tin.
I keep our teabags in a tin ...

Enjoy your February days.

All the best Jan
Marie Smith said…
You have such wonderful treasures to pass on to your children and grandchildren. Great post!
Liz A. said…
You've got quite the collection of treasures.
Ann said…
What a great idea. I'm pretty sure some day when my kids are cleaning out my house they will just look at stuff and ask where did this junk come
Jeanie said…
Wow -- you were seriously productive. And what wonderful treasures -- I loved that baby spoon and sewing box especially. I have to dig in and do more of that myself. You inspire me!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm impressed! And what a thoughtful idea. I really like that dragonfly and the 'hot dog' made me laugh. :D Stay safe and warm, my dear.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, and this is all super cool. ~grin~ The Christmas album cover is awesome!
DeniseinVA said…
Hi Pam, a lovely read and I enjoyed all your photos. You have a great collection and thanks for sharing the memories too.

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