If It Fits, and Buchanan House


Brian and Brians dad over
can tell you that with cats,

"If it fits, cats will
Lily is here to tell you that
is so true.

I was working on some bills and 
stuff while sitting on the couch, 
Lily jumped up beside me
and climbed into the plastic
shoe box that I keep my
receipts in. 
Later I had to move so I sat it and 
Lily in the floor.
Silly Lily.

Friday I did a shoot at Buchanan 
House. I actually was there to 
shoot an Q&A for Ms. Lillian,
for designers and paper hangers
But since Lillian is on the board of
the Buchanan House, and I have
shot for her and the house before.
Anyway, in between sections
of the Q&A I shot around
the house. Here are some pics
I got.

I would say that this light does
not go with the age of the house
but I thought this was pretty.

Best as I could tell, the log cabin
section is the original house.
A one room house. 

At some point, or two or maybe
several add ons later it became
a larger home. 

This is one wall in the main room.

With the add ons, bedrooms
were built above. 

This cubbie was in one of the 
bedrooms upstairs. 
Notice the next door inside the 
cubbie? Story goes, that 
when the Indian's came 
calling, mom, the original 
Mrs. Buchanan would hide her
children in the second area of 
the cubbie, and blankets piled
up in front of that second door, hiding
that part of the cubbie. 

Story also goes that she saved
her children that way. 
Some other homes that the 
Indian's came calling on, 
lost the children to the 

Assuming this is Mrs. Buchanan.

In studying the layout of 
the house I would say this was 
originally the ouside of the 
house. During a built on, this
became the kitchen/
dining area. 

You can read about the 
Buchanan House 

Hoping you enjoyed your
tour through the home.



Sandee said…
Lily Bit fits wherever she wants to fit. Adorable.

I would love to tour that home. I love looking at homes from years gone by.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
WOW, what a wonderful old home. I love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Marie Smith said…
That place is pretty special. Mrs B, the original, was pretty clever hiding the kids like that.
Brian said…
That looks like a purrfect fit to us sweet Lily! That house looks most interesting and pretty amazing too.
Liz A. said…
Are we sure those dolls aren't haunted...?
Christine said…
Lovely photos-Christine cmlk79.blogspot.com
Ann said…
What a cool old house that is. Interesting history too.
Jeanie said…
I love this post, Pam. The photos of Buchanan house are splendid -- what remarkable details. I'd love to visit there!
Many thanks for all the great photographs ...

Isn't it amazing how all cats seem to like boxes!

Have a good week.

All the best Jan

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