Cats, Cats and More Cats


LOVE this.

My friends are amazed
that both Lily and 
Misty will sit 
in my lap like a toddler
and have their nails clipped!

Good girls. 

I have been at it again,
animal sitting.
In the past I was always 
either feeding at my younger
brothers. He is the one that
has all the feral outside and 
four cats inside. 

Or years ago, packing up and
heading to my older brothers 
house to sit for four large dogs,
two birds and a cat. I always
took Lily and Dakota with me.
We usually stayed a week. 

A lot of times I go over 
and feed Theresa's cat when
she goes out of town.

This is prob the 3rd time I 
went over to feed Pam 
(friend and old school mate)
and fed her cats when she travels
with a traveling ball league.

These babes are so sweet.
Up till now Pam only had
two cats but several months ago 
another cat showed up and 
Pam tried keeping him on the porch
with a house and food. Tried locating
his family with no luck.
So....he is now Pam's 3rd indoor

Annie and Runner are not
fond of him.
We sort of have a stand off 
in the pic below. Mister (the new 
cat) was coming in the living
room and Runner, was saying, 
"no, you don't"

I think the reason everyone likes me
to take care of the pets is cause I 
will hang out with them.
You can tell in the pic below with
Runner, I am on her level, I get down
in the floor to play.

Runner is adorable. Lily gets down 
to attack mode also, but it seems
like Runner plasters her whole body
down before jumping. 

This is Annie, the other babe.
She is older, and now is ok
with Runner but was not at first.
She is also not ok with Mister.

I got to pet Annie on the head
while she ate yesterday. She is a hisser
if she does not want you around. 

But even though she hisses to 
tell me don't touch, she thrust
me to sit and talk to her. 

I don't have a good pic of 
Mister. But he is so 
SWEET. He loves to be petted on 
the head, and he has one of 
those large heads. 

And look at those sad eyes. 
You can't help but love him. He is 
such a good boy.

I love FURS!
I love all FURS!

I have said for the last
few yrs that if I could 
afford, had the land and 
the BODY I would
have a cat shelter for 
all the kitty's I could find.



NanaDiana said…
I love pets, too. I miss having a kitty but hubby is allergic and so are some of the other family members. Luckily no one is allergic to the pup of my heart--Scruffy The Cockapoo. As I write this he is laying with head on the edge of my laptop. lol. My boy!
You are a good soul to be a pet caretaker. Love it- xo Diana
Sandee said…
The definition of Cat is spot on. You made me laugh out loud.

Hissing keeps me at bay. I don't want anything to do with their murder mitts.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Marie Smith said…
The cats know who loves them!
Ann said…
They all look like sweet cats.
BeachGypsy said…
I love both dogs and cats and my favorite cats are Russian Blues, so I love seeing yours make an appearance on your blog. Hope your week is going well.
Liz A. said…
Have you met Strayer ( If not, you should make her acquaintance.
Jeanie said…
All beautiful -- but then, you know me and cats! Runner looks much like my sweet late Stimpy, first cat and wonderful.
Darla M Sands said…
I'd start a giant shelter with you. :D And Liz is right about Strayer. She's awesome like you.

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