Cabinets and Storage, Thoughts, and Treats

 I have no 
counter space.
I tried keeping my meds
in the cabinet ~ I hated digging
them out.
Put in pill containers ~ I hate
taking the time to 
do that. 
I rather open what I need when
I need it but I hated
them taking up space
on my counter.

I had a curtain rod I had picked
up at some point at GW for
I bought some brackets, and 
some wire baskets.
Secured the rod to the wall
under the cabinets and above
the counter. Tied the baskets
on and BAM...
more storage for my meds.
They are within reach and out
of the way.

Speaking of baskets....I really
should have removed the
ones of top of the fridge before
taking this pic, but hey, that
would have required more of
an effort.

Anyway, I wanted to share my
space. By the way, who uses 
those two tiny cabinets above
the fridge?

It is a tad easier to get to the 
small ones above the stove
so I store seasonal glasses
and cups, my filters for the 
Brita and things like that up 

But you see those cabinets. Not a lot 
of storage. The narrow one over 
by the window is one that goes back
behind the other one, so things
get pushed back and you have
to search. Course the ones above
the store is for seasonal stuff. 
That leaves the two between
the stove and window.
The other one of the side of 
stove holds my oils, baking stuff,
coffee and teas.

I have really less under the counter.
I do store my pots and pans
under the sink. the two 
corner ones go WAY back there, 
I store instant pot and junk in 
there. Then there are the drawers.

But there is my counter.

No dishwasher so there is a drainer
and I do NOT dry dishes and put
them away. The drainer is for the 
items to drain and dry! lol

Here are my thoughts~
I know, scary huh?

If you look at the pics above you
will see the fridge is to the 
right of the window and sink. 
I plan on moving it across the
room. A dishwasher needs to go 
I want to remove the wall where
I hung the baskets. On the other
side of that is my dining area.

I hope to reuse my cabinets by
placing them differently.
The stove will move down to 
about where the wall I want
to remove is. 

On the other side of the plank wall
is the other wall of my kitchen.

See how I have had to make
more storage?
Anyway, I don't care to have my
kitchen and living room
open to each other but
I will be fine with the kitchen
and dining. 

I do not have a table in the kitchen
cause it is so small.
But with removing that wall
I will have more space. 
With that said, 

Looking at this pic again,
I am going to have a closet
built where the shelve is in this
Why? Well, my washer and dryer
is directly below that space
in the basement. I have to go down
those 14 stairs, out into the garage, step
up into the basement and around
the opening under those stairs, back
into a cubby to do laundry.
In that closet, I want to install 
the washer and dryer. Hook ups should
be easy with them right below that
space. Going to purchase the 
stackable type and then I will
also have room for a pantry. 

I know, reading all this is 
confusing since you really
can't see what I am 
talking about. 
But....I hope to start on 
all that soon. 
I am not doing the work.

Pam remembered
to pick up treats for 
Lily and I.

We hate the last of the treats
last night and mom knew she
better not forget.

Lily likes treats but she
don't ask for them, I will!
When mom is in a different
room I will come and walk
around her legs, thrilling
till she gets me my treats.
My thrills go meows when
she ask me do I want some
treats and she makes me
say mama before I get mine.




Liz A. said…
Sounds like you're doing a kitchen remodel. It probably needs it. That's a great idea for your meds.
Christine said…
Nice treats
Marie Smith said…
A kitchen remodel is a lot of work. Hope you carpenter is faster than ours was.
Jeanie said…
That's a great idea, Pam. And if it makes you feel better, you have WAY more cabinet storage than I do! Not a huge help but I'll trade!
BeachGypsy said…
I loved your basket idea, pretty neat! Love the daily doings of the animals too, I like that change/addition! Is it cold there? We are having ANOTHER COLD SNAP....we are just not used to this! haha LOL. I liked seeing the downtown city in the previous post too, fun to see those areas and read your memories. Happy weekend!!
Brian said…
We have way too much cabinet/storage space here...NOT!!! Have some treats for us sweet Misty!
Ann said…
Love your ideas for your kitchen. That will be exciting seeing it all come to life. I remember when my kitchen was remodeled. It was such a mess but so worth it when it was done.
Wow! First things first...the baskets for the pills is a great idea! That keeps them up off the counter, and also I would assume you can put them in different baskets for morning, noon, and night, right? Clever idea!! Now, as for all the kitchen remodeling you are thinking of doing, that sounds great! Go for it...if you have the time, money, and someone able to do it for you. Just be prepared for a big mess until it's done! That would be the hard part...You may have to eat out for a while! LOL. Be sure to post before and after photos when you do it, and make sure we know about it! Your kitties are sweet. Glad they have a voice in what goes on around there! have a blessed and wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting me. Do you have a place where I can "follow" your blog? I don't see one.
Darla M Sands said…
As always, your solution is cute and clever. :) I use the cabinets above the fridge for things almost never used. lol Our contractor replaced the corner cabinets with some including revolving shelves during our 2011 (or '12?) remodel. The space is *so* much more accessible. Enjoy your treats, sweet kitties!

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