Assistant (Me), and Memorial Graphic

Hey all...

James and Julie have a company 
called Go Daddy that
does a lot of their
promotions on social media.
Julie sent info and pic
for them to post this

to have her as an assistant, photographer
, and everything else she does here at the
venue to help us and all the guests. Pam
was born in California, but has lived in
Tennessee for many years. She is a Mom,
Nana, Great Nana, and one of the best
friends/co-worker a person could ask
for. Pam's favorite things at the venue
are the spacious property, meeting all
the different beautiful brides and grooms,
and she loves her bosses -- it's a two-way
street because we love her too!

So sweet.

Now talking about
 Thank you.
Terry, Brian's and 
the other feline furs
dad contacted
Ann at 
to make this
sweet memorial 
graphic for Chey.

Terry that was sweet.
Thank you so much.

Today was an adjustment for
the feline's and me.
I had some things that
needed to wash up after
Chey's was sick. 
Plus, my body needed
to recharge, I spent
the day laying around
and sleeping a lot.
I was dealing with 
back spasms from
carrying Chey up and 
down the deck steps 
for two days. 
The heating pad was 
doing a nice job.

Lily, I think was having
an issue with the fact that
dad did not come back home.
She was taking it out
on Misty this morning.
Jumped her five or six
times first thing this morn. 
It let up though the day. 

Thank you all for 
the sweet prayers and 
and kind words on 
the fur babes blog.



Marie Smith said…
Sending a hug your way, Pam!
BeachGypsy said…
Very sorry to hear the sad news about Chey-- what a sweet little dog!
Sandee said…
I put Chey's graphic in my Angels on my navigation bar.

Big healing hugs. ♥
Christine said…
Lovely writeup Pam!
The Happy Whisk said…
Great promo write-up. So sorry about the loss. Always sad and sucks for sure.
Brian said…
That Pam promo is pretty special. The "new normal" is always such a tough adjustment for everyone, humans and felines. Hugs.
Ann said…
So sorry about Chey. It will be a big adjustment for all.
That is a lovely promo write-up.

Sending a hug to you.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
It'll be an adjustment for all. Take care. Sounds like you needed the rest.

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