Christmas Trees

 Do you stick to the basic
way of decorating 
your tree?
Regular green tree
with round balls?
Or crafty ornaments?

How about poinsettias?

I personally not a fan of
gold. But silver I love.
I don't put flowers
on my tree.
And for years I did the 
basic same ole, same
ole. A green tree with 
crafty homemade ornaments,
some themed balls, and cute

For years it was a big 
tree but when Caleb
and Amber moved back
home in my little
townhouse 20
yrs ago I scaled the size
of the tree down.

Maybe not this scaled 

But I love the 
one above. And though
it is cute, I would miss
the bling of the tree.

Do you stick to one or
two colors?
There again, my tree
used to be full of 
color. As for the lights, I
changed mine from color
lights to all white 
so many years ago I 
can't really tell you when.

I love the red and white!

Or do you have just a 
certain theme like the
one below?

Tinsel? Oh my gosh, I 
have not used that since
my kids were little.

I love all the amount of 
balls on the above tre.
I like a tree loaded, but
my daughter, she likes
hers spread out and parts
of the tree showing.

This one is really
an old fashion tree.

Another themed tree.
I love the topper.
Course I love Snowpeople.

A couple of years ago I 
changed from a green
tree to a black one.
That year I went with
purple and silver balls on 
it and kept my keepsake
ornaments packed up.

That was a big change for
me. Last years I 
put up the green one
again with my keepsake

This yr. back to the black,
only I went with silver
and red. 

Notice my thin tight
tree. I love it, it
does not stick out
into the floor like
my large ones did. 

When I dropped the 
stencil on the tree I went to silver garland.
At some point through the 
years I also dropped the 
garland and I 
would put ivory colored
beads on as the garland.
Like this only in ivory.

But at some point
I even dropped that and
stopped with garland at all.
This yr. I went with 
a netted like wide
ribbon, running down
the side of the tree in
several areas. 

When I was younger I loved
change. I changed up 
the placement of furniture
once a month. 
I changed up decor in 
the house all the time. 
Then raising kids as a 
single mom I had
more to do and I stopped
doing all the change. 
Never ever thought I 
would be ROUTINE.
But routine I am.
Except with small things
like the Christmas
trees and I like knowing
I can still change things.

Big tree? Color?
Theme? Crafty?
Star or Angel?
I love to see
the personality in 
people by how they 
do things, like 
their Christmas 

Keep calm and trim 
your Christmas Tree!








Liz A. said…
All the while growing up, our mom used to rearrange the furniture in our house about twice a year. So, we got used to it. As for trees, I haven't done one in years. I saw someone crocheted a tree. I think that's what I'll do if I ever put one up again. But it's too much hassle for just me.
Brian said…
Those are all very pretty. We changed up this year and did our tree in silver and crystal.
Marie Smith said…
You are an agent of change, Pam. You are adventurous in my book. I have had the same for decades. I doubt I’d change now cause I wouldn’t want to spend the money on the decorations! I love your tree though!
Christine said…
Beautiful trees
BeachGypsy said…
howdy Pam, loved all the pictures of the pretty Christmas trees. So much creativity there!--people have so many neat ideas. We finally got our trees up. Our main one has navy blue and lime green balls on it and multi-color lights. I love the old fashioned trees like that one picture of the tree from long ago. We never called that "tinsel"...we called those "icicles". I love them and they're so pretty and "glisteny" (is that a word!?? LOL).....but they sure do make a big MESS.
Ann said…
Very seldom does the look of my tree change. I do have two. The one in the basement pretty much has a wildlife theme with red and black buffalo check. The one in the living room is a lot of ornaments that were gifts.
I will always have a green tree. It may not be real but it will be green.
So nice to see these trees.
We've always had green ones!

Happy December wishes.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
I love trees. And so I have a LOT of them. There is the main (big) tree -- which is everything -- family ornaments, things from friends, things I've collected, travel ornament; the happy tree, bright colors and felt; the woodland tree; the dad memory tree (lots of fishing things!); the Mom tree (cute felts, things she collected or would have if she'd lived long enough; the pink tree in the bathroom; the angel tree.... I just love trees! (Oh, and don't think I have a big house... the living room has a couple, so does the family room, etc.!)

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