Amazing Kitchen and Boswell Breakfast and Parade for Christmas Toys for Kids

 Saw this beautiful kitchen on 

Then a FB shared this,
it's another view of
of the same kitchen.

She asked her hubs to
remove the light over
her island to 
put up a sled for
Christmas and he

Reply to Liz's question~
Does that mean the 
car is an easy fix?
We still don't know.
Only way to know, take the 
engine apart to get to 
the corroded part. Replace 
that, then the car will 
hold antifreeze and when it
does they can check to 
see if any damage
has been done.
So...I still wait. 

Friday, I needed to 
go to town and close
out the monthly billing for 
Photo Service. 

Being my car is still in 
the shop, and I did
not trust my brothers
truck so I took the 
metro bus. Not ridden
one in over 20 yrs. 

With that, there was not a 
hub for the bus station
when I rode years ago.
It was interesting for
sure. I think I might
keep up driving in when
the car is operating again!

Sat. morning I lent my
photo services to Boswell's
Toy Breakfast and Parade 
for kids. I shot the 

The event is into 
its 12 to 13 yr for doing this.

It was held at Rebar at the Dam.
This is the woman that 
helps to make this happen.
Rhonda, she owns Rebar.

Volunteers cooked the breakfast.

They proceeded to take the 
party to downtown and 
then over to 

Below is Billy and
Billy and I went to 
school together from 
7th to 12th.
I dated Billy's brother about
10 yrs or so ago.
Billy's mom and I were
friends. We lost her
almost two yrs ago.
Billy is the one that pulls
these events together and 
I threw it out there
that I can throw in my
services for this stuff.
He was thrilled and 
asked me to do this.
I was so happy to be apart
of this event.

This is James. 
He volunteers each yr.,
about 12 now, to cook and 
do whatever. James, Billy
and I graduated together. 

When it was time
"start your engines"
oops, sorry that is a
racing term, when it 
was time for the motorcycles
to pull out Billy got
on stage and thanked 
everyone for coming out,
to the volunteers and let us know
that we raised over
500 bucks plus toys.

One funny thing, I have been
a Jackson longer
than I was a Montgomery 
(maiden name) but it is
strange to hear someone on
stage thanking our
photographer, Pam 
I had to laugh!

Thanks, Billy for your
hard work. 

Note on Billy~
a yr and a half ago,
we almost lost Billy.
After a poker run event,
Billy blacked out, lost
control of his bike and 
was life flighted
to Vanderbuilt. He was at
a life threatening spot in 
his life for months. A year later,
he bought a new bike. Those of
us that know him was
concerned but we all
know Billy enough to know,
without that bike, without
this cause, he would never be
Ride on Billy!



Christine said…
Fun photos!
Liz A. said…
Looks like it was a great event. It sucks waiting on one's car. Been there. I hope it does work out to be a cheap fix.
Brian said…
That breakfast sure looks good and we agree, Ride On Billy!
Ann said…
Sounds like a great event
I do like that kitchen and I love the sled over the island.
The Happy Whisk said…
Sorry you lost Billy's mom.
It certainly looks a great event; I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
It looks like a great time. I hate it when the car is in the shop -- glad you had a good alternative. And love that kitchen!

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