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 Darla M Sands over at

commented on "12 Keys"

Somebody ought to chaperone this group. 

Oh Darla, if you only
Its not one of us, its the
whole group!!

And can you just imagine
when I am in full
mode? The days in which
I feel like the old Pam?

I have to say, I have forgotten
how it felt to feel lack
of pain. No hip pain,
back behaving, pain in 
other parts of my body
very low.....which with 
lack of pain, there is a 
little more energy. 
Keeping in mind, that the
temps and weather are 
nice and the body itself
reacts to that.

Today, no energy.
That is what seems to happen
when you spend the night
in the ER.
My grandson's seem to 
be batting 100 in the
ER. Last night was Caleb,
the oldest and
Felicity's dad.

Tuesday morning he woke
dizzy, shaking and 
unbalanced. He fell out.
Later on in the day
he got bad again.
The little city hospital did
blood work, all was fine.
CT Scan showed a filling,
or abnormality on the brain. 
Off to Nashville with his
GF's dad and I met them
there around 9:30pm.
I got home around 4:45
Wed. morn. 

Anyway, an MRI was done 
and there was nothing
found. Not sure
what the city hospital
found on the CT Scan.
But the question is, what
was wrong. Personally I 
think he might have been
dehydrated, he skips meals 
for like days. I think he needs
to go to the doc and have
more blood work for vit
levels done. 

Anyway, the count is
3 out of 3 in the last
few months. Braden
and the hip, DJ and the
broken foot now Caleb. 

Before my friend
Debbie moved NC
she gave me several
bracelets that belonged
to her mom, Mama Jo.
I wear them with
them with pride. I loved
Mama Jo. She has been 
gone now since 2006.
Years ago Debbie
gave me Mama Jo's
It is booked up down
Desert Rose

Funny story about Mama
Jo, she was a Christian
woman, blunt, to the point but
sweet and loving....
Every so often I would
let a bad word slip
out and one day she looked
at me and said, "Do I need
to wash your mouth
out with soap"?
I knew she would do it!!
Said I was so sorry and 
watched my mouth 
for years after that.
She was a mess and 
being considered family,
I sat up all night at the house
with Debbie, family and Mama
Jo. Sitting right beside her
when she took her
last breath. 



Marie Smith said…
Such a worry when the young ones in our families are sick. I hope your grandson gets well soon.
Christine said…
Hope your grandson gets better soon
Jeanie said…
I know what you mean about Old Pam and the other Pam. I'd love Old Jeanie to come back.
Brian said…
Dang, that's too much hospital but I hope someone gets to the bottom of what the trouble really is.
Liz A. said…
Yikes, your grandson can't seem to catch a break. I hope they figure out what's bothering him. And I hope you get more pain free days.
Ann said…
Sorry to hear about your grandson. Hope he's feeling better soon.

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