Fever and Pain

 Life is always
pulling out challenge
to see how we handle
the days. 

Monday evening Braden
(middle grandson) started
feeling bad, running a fever,
headache and sore throat.

The fever got up to
103 that night. The next
day Amber took off to take
him to the doc.
COVID test....neg
Said it was viral.
Course with viral you can
only treat the fever.

I went to Amber's on
Wednesday to sit with 
B that day while Amber
worked cause B's temp
got high again Tuesday night.
He had also been
complaining about his
right leg and hip 

Braden could not go 
a whole 24  hours without
the temp shooting up again.
He went to work with his
mom Thursday. 
Where he laid on a pallet 
in one of the offices and 
slept most of the day. 

Thursday night and 
in the wee hours of the morn
he cried cause his leg hurt
so bad. Amber took him
to work again and planned
on taking him to the walk
in office after work.
However, the pain kept getting
worse so I left and 
headed to her place to take
him in. By the time I 
got there his temp went
from 99 to 104 even 
with Tylenol, in just an hour.

I picked him up and headed
to the ER. Viral or not, he
fighting pain and fever and had
been for four days. Amber
closed up the office while
I took him in and met us

B was nervous, 
he had never had an
IV before.

Blood work showed white blood
count was fine, no infection.
Flu test was neg.
COVID neg.
Strep neg.
X-ray on lungs (precaution)
was good. 
Ultra sound on hip did not
show anything so the
next step was to
do an MRI but this ER
walk in does not do those
on Friday and Sat.
(staffs day off I guess) so that
means they transport the patient
to Nashville to Centennial Peds Clinic.

This little boy had
the longest day. By the time
they got him in a room
in Nashville it was after
1am on Saturday morn. 

Before B was transported, I 
went and picked up
DJ and Emmy Lou (dog)
to take to my house. Good thing
I did, since they kept
B and Amber stayed with him. 

DJ slept on the couch in
front of the TV and this
morning Lily decided to curl
up with him behind his
legs like she does with me.

Its 7 am and I am waiting to 
hear from Amber.
MRI is to be done at some point
this morn.
Hoping to find out what
is going on with B's

Please keep B in your
thoughts and prayers.
Thank you,


Sandee said…
Prayers and healing hugs for B. ♥
Christine said…
Oh no hope it is okay.
BeachGypsy said…
Oh my gosh Pam just read this!!-- it's about noon-- please easy keep us posted ok
Liz A. said…
Yikes. I hope they can figure out what's wrong. I hope he gets better soon.
Jeanie said…
I hope by now you know more and that he is much better -- and will continue to be more so, soon. I know you must be terribly worried. Sending love and prayers.
Brian said…
Dang, that's really scary, I hope all is okay. Prayers from all of us too.
Marie Smith said…
Hoping B is better soon, Pam.
Ann said…
Poor guy, what an ordeal. I hope he is feeling better soon.
Red Rose Alley said…
Poor little Braden. He has been through a lot. I'm so sorry he was hurting so bad and with his leg. Saying a prayer for him as well, Pam.


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