This little one started
school the other day.
She goes to day care
then catches a bus
to school then later
goes back to day care.

Not sure she was
too crazy about the

Tonight however (Wed),
Evie ended up in the ER.
Fever 104, tested
positive for COVID.
Just waiting to hear
if they are sending her home 
or keeping her.
The COVID Fever is weakening
her regular meds and
bless her heart, she has
had eight seizures with 
the fever being up.
UPDATE since writing
this last night...
ER sent her home.
Upped her seizure meds
till she is over 

Please keep her in your

Update.... Braden went
back to school. Fever finally 
left him and the pain in 
his hip has also gotten 



Liz A. said…
Yikes. I hope Everleigh feels better soon. Covid is not fun at all. Glad to hear Braden is on the mend.
Marie Smith said…
Oh my. Little darling. Hope she recovers soon.

Good news regarding Braden!
Oh my mercy yes I will pray for that sweet one. I know I have told you before but I just love the name Everleigh. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Christine said…
Hope she is fine sooner rather than later, happy Braden is ok now.
Sally said…
Dear Lord please bless this beautiful little child. I hope she's better now! Goodness gracious, and Braden back to school; the pain is better so that's a blessing right there.

Ann said…
Oh no, poor little Everleigh. Prayers she is feeling better soon.
Great new on Braden.
Brian said…
Poor sweet Everleigh, mega prayers from all of us.
Red Rose Alley said…
I am so sorry precious Everleigh got the virus and she has had many seizures during this time. I will say a prayer for her. She is the sweetest child. And I hope she has a good school year and meets a special friend. The kids seem to be starting school earlier every year. I'm glad Braden is doing better also.

Jeanie said…
Many prayers for your sweet girl. She has had enough.

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