Trees, Crates and Trip

Welcome folks to 
And the summer
just keeps on 
moving along!

Its Saturday, I have
a wedding to shoot at
the venue today.
Tomorrow, I head 
to Calif. 
Packed and ready.

Hit you up when I return.

 Well, a week or so ago
I was in the Lobby...
Hobby Lobby that is and 
there was fall, Halloween 
and Christmas stuff out.
Yesterday, I went in again and 
saw that trees were going up.


I was in need of some
shelves. Thought about making
some but with the cost
of wood, cutting,
building....I decided
against that and decided
on this route.

Wooden crates!

You can stack them however and 
if I tire of one way I 
can restack them another
way. I am not done, I 
need to stain these but
that will come after 

I needed something that would
not stand far out in 
hall so these were perfect.
I found these at Lowe's 
14.98 each, even Wally 
World sales these, same
size for 19.98 so Lowes
was the better price.
I bought the two that my
Lowes had, and then three
that Mt Juliet had. I would 
like at least one more. 

Here are some other ways
to stack them. These come
from Pinterest.

I always have so much
to do...
I am always dreaming
up more to do.

I am packed for my
Calif trip.
Think I am going to 
be able to get away with
a carry on so that I don't
have to do the luggage ramp
when I get off. 
First, I have a few things
to do, like clean the pool
and store it away. Make sure
I have Chey's stuff ready to go.
Get keys to house for T so 
she can feed the feline furs. 
Saturday I am shooting a wedding,
then loading Chey up
to deliver her to Amber. 
Sunday, Calif here I come.







BeachGypsy said…
Oh Pam I hope you have a wonderful trip!!--- be safe and HAVE FUN!!--- see--- I told ta this trip would be here before ya know it! Have a wonderful time
Christine said…
Happy 4th!
Those crates look super cool. I hope you have a safe trip, I sure wouldn't want to go to California these days, stay safe.
Ann said…
I use crates for shelves in my craft room.
Have fun in California. Safe travels to you.
Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
Travel safe! ~hugs~ I hope you have loads of fun and please share photos.
Pilar said…
Have a wonderful trip Pam!
Darla M Sands said…
Did I fail to comment? Or perhaps you were already on your trip. :D Be safe and have fun, my dear.
BeachGypsy said…
Bet you are having a ball? Let us know when you return safely okay?

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