Halloween Customes Through the Years

has arrived and 
our temps are
starting to show it.

In the 40s at night and 
70s in the day.

Fall has me thinking of 
Fall is my fave season 
Halloween is
my fave 

So I pulled out some
of my Halloween 
pics of me through 
the years.

Oh my gosh...this one
was a 
time ago. I 
was 18 in this one.
I dressed up and took
the candy outside
to fly around on my
broom and pass out

My living room which as
the time was moms. 
Blue carpet, blue and white
curtains. Furniture covered
cause of the dogs..
And that table hanging in the 
corner. I made that in art 
class in 11th grade. 
Hung forever in 
the corner there. 

Next I was headed 
to a Halloween
party as 

The boobs are not real!!

When the kids were young
there was a lot of 
stuff going around about
crap being put in 
candy so Barb (old friend)
and I had a party for the 
kids instead.
Below, that is me and
my newest friend at
the party.

Can you tell there seems
to be a theme....a 
witchy theme happening?

I worked for printing when I 
dressed in this custome.
I had went over to 
Photo Services to 
help do some filing 
and Jed, who later
became my boss took
this pic.

Another printing pic...
I was a Gypsy.

I have only posted one
pic of me as a clown.
But there were so many
times I dressed like this.

Not only for Halloween
but I actually did kids parties
like this. I checked out a book
from the library once and 
taught myself to tie balloons.

Funny thing....when I dressed
this way through the yr for 
a party, my kids would hide in 
the floor of the car so no one
would see them. 

Moving on.....
to some years at
the TBI for the annual
costume and chili contest.

This is Ms. Peacock
(Clue game)
and if  you look you
will see peacocks 
on my shirt.
So...Ms. Peacock with the
candle stick in the 

Yeah, I thought this was
a cool idea!!

Another TBI pic. 
I was getting old 

After retirment I helped
with a fund raiser for
the Pet Community.
Theme was come as
a villain or 
hero. I 
went as Poison Ivy

I do not have a full pic
but I had on a cheap
green dress from Goodwill,
and hose with ivy growing up
the sides.

This was for a Halloween
party a couple years ago.

And there again...that
witchy theme. 

And of course last 
years cat pic.

Last yr while doing my
makeup for Halloween
I decided on what I 
would do this 
yes, I have known
all yr. 

I will be sure and 
post a pic when that time

Have you thought about
Halloween yet?
If so do you dress to 
give out candy?
If so, what will you 
be dressing as?



Jeanie said…
It's really fun seeing all these, Pam! You are so clever and creative. This is a goodie!
Darla M Sands said…
I lament the fact kids no long trick-or-treat here. My haunted garage was a huge hit in 1999. :) You're always so cute as well as clever. ~hugs~ I look forward to seeing your creation this year. Happy Fall!
You've had so much fun over the years, Pam. Well done!
Liz A. said…
I love the Mrs. Peacock one. That is really clever. I might dig out my witch headband, but I haven't really been keen to dress up since the terrible incident in the 8th grade.
Ann said…
Love all your costumes. I think my favorite might be the clown
Brian said…
Those were fun to see! It's too scary out n' about these days so we probably won't be opening our door to any strangers.
It fun to dress up.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Christine said…
I can really tell what is your favourite season if you hadn't said it!
Marie Smith said…
I wish I enjoyed Hallowe’en as much as you do! Great fun by the look of it!

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