Changing Colors and The Yard

 It's that time of year...

The leaves on the trees
are starting to get that 
yellow tint to them
before they go full on 
in changing color. 

My Walnut tree is usually
the last to put on 
leaves in the spring 
and the frist to turn
and start dropping leaves
in the fall. 

With the rain for three days
in a row what turns gets 
beat off fast. 
Friday, we had rain off and 
on all day. A steady rain.
Then, on Saturday, it finally
let up around 3, which was
a good thing since we had a 
wedding at 4. 
Sometime in the evening, it 
started back and has
been going strong all Sunday

I am so ready for fall but
I want the rain to stop
so that maybe we can
enjoy some color...
so I can get out with 
my camera to enjoy 
that color.

Got behind this on the
way home Sat. night
after the wedding. The
flag flying on the back 
caught my attention.


Keeping my feeders
full cause these babes
need all the sugar water
they can get for their
journey south.

My garden has gotten
really out of hand and I 
am trying to do my best
to hold off on pulling
things up for the coming

I know I have showed
my vine before but here it
is again!

In this shot you can see
my crete myrtle which
might have to get moved.
I planted it when I moved 
and and so that it would 
not be in the way of mowing 
I put it on the other side of the 
Vinca Vine mass. I actually
had to cut some of that
vine away from crawling up
my myrtle. Course around
the mass looks rough cause that 
is because I had to cut
so much of the vinca back
from where I let it
get out of controll and 
it came over its 
border!. I need to stay
of top of that better next
year. I am in the process of
redoing the walkway, thanks
to the moles that dig under
them and push them up 
and out of the way. They
made a mess of it.
To the left of the pic
is some sedum which I
will need to either plant in 
the ground or a bigger pot
next spring. It is busting 
at the seams. 

Saw this on a car the other day.
Just a Hogwarts girl living
a muggle world.
I think I need to  put something
on my car...
"Following my own 
yellow brick road!"


Brian said…
We have a pecan tree and the squirrels make a mess with the fallen pecans.
Jeanette said…
I took my hummingbird feeder down yesterday. I haven't seen a hummingbird in two weeks and the bees were taking it over. Luckily there are a lot of feeders in our community so I know the little travelers will have enough sugar water!
Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for sharing. I insisted we buy more sugar to keep our hummingbirds fed.
Ann said…
I have never had much luck with hummingbirds. I put a feeder out for years and rarely ever saw one
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, you take the nicest flower photos. That really is a good one with the butterfly. So good of you to think of the hummingbirds filling up before they take their journey to warmer climates. I have a bridal wreath bush in the front of my house, and when I water it, hummingbirds flutter around it, and it's so special to see. Love the Hogwarts quote. My kids, all grown now,
loved Harry Potter movies, and still watch them sometimes. Glad you got some rain. We got just a shower, and I'm waiting for more. : )

Marie Smith said…
Like your meme. It would be a great bumper sticker.
Jeanie said…
We're on similar paths, longing for rain to stop and knowing that the garden will absorb much of our time. I've never had a hummingbird feeder.
I like fall and all it colors.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Liz A. said…
Oh, you should totally get that for your car. I know there are people who will make those things up for you if you can't find it ready-made.

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