Bright Light, Seeds, and Blood Suckers

I was scrolling PINTEREST
and saw this.

I thought this was 
me for sure!!

On Tuesday
I looked out the window
and saw bright light!

Almost ran and got
my sunglasses. 

that evening around
ten the sky was lighting
up and there were
thunder boomers that
had Chey panting and 
trying to get as close
to me as she could.
We went to bed, and 
I was out. Not a clue
if it stormed or just
rained but I woke
again with a horrible
headache and my body 
yelling at Mother

Ignore the horrible
pic. The lights were
off in the living room
and the blue cast was 
from the TV, using
no flash..

Anyway, this is my
hummingbird vine seeds
harvest from last night.
I get this much almost
daily now. There will be 
a lot to give away 
next spring!

I really wished I knew
this when I lived on the 
I might have tried it
since the blood
suckers were so 
hungry for my

I started my Christmas card.
And stopped.
Did not like it. 
Started another one,
did not like it.
I have one drawn off 
that I am pretty sure
will be it this time.
I have never had this
issue till last yr.
I always knew what
I wanted to paint and it 
was great. I am 
losing that touch I guess.

Anyway, hoping to start
painting on it today. 

Do you send out Christmas
cards? Do you buy a box
of different ones that go 
through them to find the 
right one for the correct

Enjoy your day!



Jeanie said…
Love the mosquito trap -- and that you are getting sun. I usually make a family card with photos (through Vistaprint) for most of the folks and then some of my photo cards for others. I might try a new card from painting or something this year -- we'll see how time shakes out!
Marie Smith said…
The mosquito trap is perfect!

I don’t send out cards now. It is so easy to communicate with everyone to whom we’d send a card.
Christine said…
I sometimes print my own cards or buy a box I like usually a single design. Hilarious mosquito meme!
Brian said…
That is some mosquito trap LOL! Best get that Christmas Card done, it is just 3 months away today!
I sure hope the person came up with mosquito trap. Got the copyrights on it.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Liz A. said…
You haven't lost your touch. You just haven't stumbled upon this years "yes" yet. You will. It's okay if it takes a bit more thought.
Ann said…
LOL, love the mosquito trap.
I thought I was going to get an early start with Christmas cards this year. I had one designed a couple months ago. Then all I got done was to cut out all the pieces for poinsettias and they have sat ever since.
Darla M Sands said…
I agree with Liz A. ~hugs~ And I think you're more judgemental upon yourself with time. Just a thought.

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