The Funniest Couple/Family Ever

 I have assisted in ....
wow, no clue how many
weddings at TN Tiny Weddings.

I have shot a lot out there
also as the photographer but
I shoot a lot behind the
scenes also.

I assisted at two over a week
ago. Only this time, not
feeling up to it, I did not
carry my big camera.
I shot with my cell.

Wishing I had took the 
real one!!

We have never had a bad
wedding, never had the 
horrible bride, or groom
for that matter.

There have been recovering
drug addicts that found
their way out and to each
other. Women who lost
a hubs and are remarrying.
And I could not tell you how
many young loves, that went
different ways only to 
reconnect and marry after
their other marriages failed.
We have had strange couples
and families. We have had 
couples that are fun but
I have to say that the 
2nd couple / family on 
Saturday, 17th was the best.
This whole family was
so much fun. 

The bride and groom were
together six yrs ago, only
to split cause they did 
not feel they were ready for
marriage. The bride had two
girls from another marriage. I 
am not really sure of the grooms
life before. They had a son, 
and I am not sure what
happen there, but the groom
did not know his son. 

The couple reconnected,
and he became the father
the boy did not know. That boy
worships his dad.
But like I said, I am not
sure if dad even knew he
had a son. 

Anyway, here is the bride
being walked out to 
the Hitching Post by her
six yr old adorable son.

He walked mom in and went
to stand by his dad as 
best man.
The brides girls had walked
in before them. They were the cutest
and sweetest girls.

Right after the pic above
was taken, James asked
who was giving the bride 
a way. Instead of saying, me or
me and my sisters,
he spoke up so proud and
said, "I love my family"....
Yep, there came my tears!

The couple had a photographer,
never been to a wedding and 
new to shooting.
Friend of the bride and she
wanted to help him out.
So I tried to help him a long
in shooting and the best shoots
to get.

Instead of having a cup cake
and drinks in the 
Hitching Post we had
it under the trees.

Emily and I sat this up.

But then I had to take another
pic once the flask were added.

They enjoyed TN made
Watermelon Moonshine.

Apparently the groom
plays some and he has
been teaching little 
one to play. So a great
shot was to hand him
Emily's guitar. 

Now how cute is that?

Then we put his sisters
behind him.

Then we brought in mom
and dad.
That is the photographer 
I caught in the above pic.

Bride and groom kissing...


Time to make sure the 
bride has a good
hold on the groom.

HAHA...then we needed Justin 
in a shot of being caught.

Ole Blue in the garage with
some yellow added.

A cute shot for sure
from behind.

Amazing little family.
The children were all so 
adorable and sweet.
I had the oldest girl (soon 
to be ten) come
up to me and say, 
"you sure are pretty"....
that truly touched me for
a child that age to tell
this old woman that.

Interesting fact the bride
shared with me,
her dress and her
veil she got on 
Amazon, less then
100 bucks for both.



Sally said…
Such a beautiful family! And, yes they are quite funny and happy; may it always be so.

Christine said…
This is a wonderful job!
Ann said…
They look like they were a fun family. Enjoyed your pictures of the day.
Beautiful family. Love the flowers and that truck! YES! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
I'm glad they found their way back to each other. That little man needs his dad. Beautiful family and I'm happy they touched your heart.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
What a great story.
Brian said…
That was a totally fun wedding and we enjoyed seeing your photos!

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