Planting, Canvas, Ant, Rain Chain, Chest and Sandals

Several days of feeling
like crap.
I finally had three good days.

I picked up some Begonias for
my pots. I like to line
my porch steps with potted
plants and I have found
that Begonias do good.

Chey is photo bombing me! haha
If you see to the left
of the steps is my
yard art. 
Love this piece.

Last yr. after I lost Dakota
a woman I know in Mass.
sent me this. 

It was in the garden last yr 
but the plants covered it up
so I have braced it on the 
fence above the flowers 
for this yr.

I ran into Hobby Lobby the 
other day to pick up 
something I needed, but
I will probably have to
buy on line.
Anyway, I noticed the
price on these canvas.

Before COVID I was paying 9.99
they are now 12.99.
Regardless of how badly 
consumers were hit, we have
to pay to bail out the income
the stores have lost.

While I played in the yard 
with plants and seeds I 
fixed my metal ant.
The hanger on the back
was broken so I 
made a new one.

A couple years before mom
past my brother redid
the screens on the porch.
He took off the gutter down 
spout and it never
got put back on.
I have it, it is under
the deck but I wanted
to do something
I made a rain chain.

I picked up small metal 
buckets at Hobby Lobby for
4.99 for five. I figured that 
I would need about six so
I had to get two packs. 
I had chains. I drilled holes
in bottoms and wired it
all up. I ran water
through it and it
worked great. 

You will see it in the pic
below to the left.

I also made a wine bottle
solar light.
The bottle came from the
venue on one of the last
weddings. The Bride and 
Groom furnish it when they
want it. 
The bottle was very
heavy. Normally when I make
these I have to put pebbles in 
it to hold it down, this did 
not need any. 
I then take E6000 glue and 
apply the top of the solar
lamp to the bottle then I go
around the edge to seal it
to prevent water from getting 

When I don't feel well and 
I am just laying around I
beat myself up over not
getting something done.
My mind goes in over drive
and I see things that need
doing or things I want
to do.

My TV sits on the cedar chest 
that was moms, the one I painted
and topped with wood. 
I felt it needed something.

So Saturday night I started

Finished yesterday. 

I used a stencil to trace the bird
and then painted it. I free handed
the rest. 
Now I really like it. 

I worked on a prop for 
my photography but
did not get it finished yet 
so I will show that when I 
am done. Also, on Friday
evening I made a notebook
of poses I printed off PINTEREST
that I can take with me on 
shoots and do some new
and different interesting

A few years back people knew
me as loving flip flops. 
As soon as the weather turned
warm enough to wear them,
I usually did not take them
off till it was too cool to
wear them. I had to 
slowly change over to 
sandals with arches, but 
even with that, they were
not that comfy at the 

I ordered two pair from 
Wally World.

These have arches, thicker
soles then my flops and 
or sandals. They are 

Five days of weening 
out sugar, going 
really light on it.
Light on scratches also. 
I wanted something
sweet last night.

Wendy's frosty. 

Now to get back on the right

Was moving slow yesterday
but I did manage to do one
thing...well, really more
then one but one big one 
for sure. 

Moms swing sat down right
past the gate into the 
backyard. Between two
trees. My niece took the
swing and the trees are gone
but the stepping stones 
that were under the swing
were still there.

I have been sitting my metal
fire pit on those stones.
But I have been wanting to 
make a bigger fire pit there.
So, since my friend sold his 
probably and there are TONS
of big flat rock, I decided that would
be awesome for my pit.
Two days in a row I went
and collected rocks. First load
was not that bad, did not load that
many. Yesterday came the bigger
and heavier ones. I got them
here but between rains
today, I need to go out and 
unload them. 
Yay for me. 
Once that is done I am 
going to pick up stepping
stones at Lowes and 
make a patio out there. 
Since, rain has let up for
now, I better get moving.



Sandee said…
I want that treat you had. Looks so good.

I really love the bird you put on your tv stand. That's amazing and that ant is cool too.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Jeanie said…
What a terrific and newsy post. I'm so glad you are feeling better. You're right about the prices -- I've followed, too, and I think a lot of stores are making up for lost time.
Brian said…
Dang, you sure have been busy but everything is sure looking great. Howdy Chey!
Ann said…
I would love to have potted flowers on the steps going off my deck but I'm so bad at remembering to water them that they end up dead,
I like the looks of your tv stand. I'm also kind of drooling over your frosty.
So pleased you are feeling better :)

Yes, prices have gone up haven't they!

Take Care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
Well done. ~hugs~ Be well!
Liz A. said…
Nice TV stand. I found a company online where I buy my flip flops. They're a bit more sturdy than your usual store brand.
So happy to hear you're feeling better! And you've certainly made the most of your time. Love the cabinet with the bird stencil.

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